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TorrentSpy BitTorrent Search Engine – Spotlight #2

TorrentSpy BitTorrent Search Engine – Spotlight #2

TorrentSpy is a BitTorrent search engine which indexes torrent files available online and from users who offer such files to the downloading and sharing community. TorrentSpy offers a normal search, advanced search, and directory of available torrents. With file sharing and downloading comes legal controversy, and asks its users to take an active role in monitoring files in its index which would be illegal.

When performing a search, TorrentSpy users are served this message. “Warning to File Sharers – File sharing of music, entertainment and software files that have not yet been released for commercial distribution could be treated as a criminal violation, under the Artists’ Rights and Theft Prevention Act of 2005. TorrentSpy would like your help in removing links to such material from our file index.”

What are torrents or BitTorrents? Wikipedia helps answer this question “With BitTorrent, files are broken into smaller fragments, typically a quarter of a megabyte each. As the fragments are distributed to the peers in a random order, they can be reassembled on a requesting machine. Each peer takes advantage of the best connections to the missing pieces while providing an upload connection to the pieces it already has. This scheme has proven particularly adept in trading large files such as videos and software source code. In conventional downloading, high demand leads to bottlenecks as demand surges for bandwidth from the host server.

Spotlight of 500 Search Engines – Search Engine Journal is reviewing 500 search engines this year to help share the spotlight that the larger engines enjoy. If you represent a search engine or know of one that should be reviewed, email us with search engines you would like to see in the Spotlight of 500 Search Engines. Please mail us the search engine URL, description, your contact information, and any traits or offerings which make the search engine special. With a goal of 500 search engines to review in one year, we’ll need all the help we can get.

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TorrentSpy BitTorrent Search Engine – Spotlight #2

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