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Top SEJ Posts For The Month of May

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Top SEJ Posts For The Month of May


Phew! What a month for the SEO industry and the SEJ during May! In this post I’ll be summarizing the top 6 articles.

#1 – We experienced another Google Penguin update

Not only did this shake the SERPs up, but we also learned the difference between a data refresh and an algorithm update. How were your sites affected by the Penguin 2.0 update?

#2 – We learned how to recover from from the update

Learning about the new update is one thing, but getting affected and getting back on your feet is a completely different thing. Thanks to Jayson, we know exactly what we need to do to recover from the update.

#3 – We received an excellent infographic on Google ranking factors

Thanks to Brian we received a thorough infographic on 200 Google ranking factors. This thing literally went viral! What was your favorite part of the infographic?

#4 – SEOMoz changed their name

Good move? Many of our readers say so. Moz is getting away from SEO and consulting and moving towards a software focus.

#5 – The mindset of an SEO

This one was my personal favorite. Your inner world creates your outer world, especially in SEO. Which task did you have to pickup?

#6 – Recover from link penalty

Link penalties are happening to a lot of webmasters out there. What do you do when it happens to you? This post answered these fundamental questions and gave practical advice to help you recover:

  • What is an unnatural link?
  • Was there an unnatural link penalty?
  • How to locate them and how to remove them

Which post was your favorite? June is already a third over and many great posts are yet to come. 🙂

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