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SEOMoz Changed Their Name Today

Fellow SEOs around the world have been following SEOMoz for a while and today they made a big move. What did they do? They changed their name from SEOMoz to Moz.

Why did they change their name?

  1. they are not just an SEO company
  2. wanted to get away from the unseemingly acronym, SEO
  3. people didn’t know how to pronounce SEO
  4. wanted to focus on software rather than consulting
  5. prepare for the launch for Moz Analytics (which is currently in beta)

They’ve already taken the time to update their twitter handle, facebook page, and rss feed. Below you’ll find a video that shares the vision of Moz and the direction it will take from here on out:

While I would hesitate to make such a move when there’s so much brand equity and recognition within the industry, I believe it was a smart move.  What are your thoughts on the name change? Let me know below 🙂

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SEOMoz Changed Their Name Today

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