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Top SEJ Posts For The Month of June 2013

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Every month I like to take a moment to recognize the top authors and posts for the previous month. June went by so fast. Hopefully you’re all recovering from the recent Google updates.

#1 –  Linkbuilding in a post Panda & Penguin world

It’s evident that this post was the top post, as it pulled in 25 comments, 300+ tweets, and 80 + Facebook likes. From Dan Vuksanovich we learn some of the best places to get links after the recent Google updates. They are: guest posting, product/service reviews, and through interviewing industry experts. Great post Dan! 🙂

Read it here:

#2 –  How to build links using content and social media

During June 2013, Kristi Hines wrote a phenomenal post that brought in 19 comments, 470 + tweets, and 120 + Facebook likes. Kristi taught us how to establish ourselves on social networks, build a network of bloggers, create share worthy content, how social media affects links, and so on. Excellent post Kristi! 🙂

Read it here:

#3 – WordPress has been under attack!

There have been significant attacks on WordPress accounts. Are you safe from attack? Dragan Nikolic put together an outstanding post teaching us how to safeguard against the botnet attacks.

Read it here:

#4 – Fresh keyword research ideas

Doing keyword research can seem monotonous at times. It’s nice to have a fresh look at how someone else does their keyword research. In this post, Ryan Cruz taught us how to swipe your competitor’s keyword research, find hidden long tail keywords, add geo-targeted search terms, and more! 

Read it here:

#5 – Getting ready for Google summer updates

Google promised that there would be lots of algorithm updates this summer.  Tommy Landry went out of his way to help us get ready and prepared. He taught us how to audit our links, get off spammy directories, change our linkbuilding practices, embrace content marketing, and more.

Read it here:

Which post was your favorite during June 2013?

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Top SEJ Posts For The Month of June 2013

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