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Loren asked me to write a post about my favorite Affiliate Marketing blogs, because Affiliate Marketing is the background where I am coming from.


Well, I ended up here, because a decent part of Affiliate Marketing is very much involved in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, PPC etc.Especially Affiliates, but more and more the Merchants and Networks as well.


My first successes are because of SEO, the first and most important part of SEO in fact, which is Crawlability. We had ? and & characters in the URLs because it was Database driven and back in 2001 did also Google have problems with URL parameters and not just crawlers like Slurp who “created” constantly its own version of the URL it was finding in the HTML Code. It produced more invalid hits than valid until we reverse engineered what Slurp was doing wrong, catch the error and redirected the Bot to the page he was supposed to go to. You could call it a special Slurp-URL-Rewrite.


Later did we add PPC to the mix as a lot of other Affiliates, before Merchants started learning about it. This is for a bit over a year now an item for debates in Affiliate Marketing. Also SEO is more and more moving into the Spotlight.


I know that a lot of SEO do only know little or nothing about Affiliate Marketing. The Back Hats are rarely making it beyond the PPC, Pills, Porn and Casino how it was said so nicely by either Oilman or Webguerilla of the SEO Rockstars Radio show and podcast at Sorry, I can’t remember who of the two came up with that :). It does not hurt to look what is going on beyond Search from time to time and check out what happens in Affiliate Marketing. Some of the stuff might even be useful for one or the other SEO out there.


Is a Blog Network and over 30 Bloggers that report Industry News, Gossip and Issues. Wayne Porter asked me this summer if I want to want to become one of them. I agreed and became one of them this July. ReveNews is old. It was founded by Brian Clark, J.D. Ashcraft and Wayne Porter in 1998. Jim Kukral joined in 2005. ReveNews is must read material for people in the Industry, like the Search Engine Watch Blog for the SEO Industry,


2. or
Operated by Shawn Collins a Veteran of the Industry who knows the business from all sides, Affiliate and Affiliate Manager. He is also co-founder and organizer of one of the largest (if not the largest) Affiliate Marketing Conference and Expo Affiliate Summit, which is being held twice a year. One at the East Coast and the second at the West Coast. The next Summit is in January in Las Vegas Nevada. Shawn posts daily to his Blog the latest’s news and information about everything that is related to Affiliate Marketing. His Blog is a Google News Source which says something about it. He also has a Forum for Affiliate Managers (private Forum) at


3. 5-Star Affiliate Programs Blog
by Affiliate Marketing Veteran Linda Buquet who is an independent consultant for Merchants and OPM’s (Outsourced Program Management). She also runs the popular 5 Star Affiliate Programs Forums, founded and moderates the WebProWorld Affiliate Forum, moderates the SearchEngineWatch Affiliate Issues Forum and writes for the Digital Moses Newsletter. She recently launched the Affiliate News Portal which aggregates Affiliate Marketing Blog Feeds. She is known under the handle “Catalyst” in Forums where she does not use her Real Name. As you can see, she is getting around and has plenty of stuff to write about at her Blog.


Other noteworthy blogs are the Blogs by Scott Jangro, Vinny Lingham, Kelly Stevens and Anik Singal.


Here are my favorite Podcasts to Affiliate Marketing

* Partner Makers’ Weekly Insight with Jeff Molander

* Fraser’s Affiliate Marketing Podcast and Blog in the UK. Fraser interviews people of the Industry and discusses various topics with his guests.

… and the following two which you already know very well

* Net Income at with Jeremy Shoemaker aka ShoeMoney

* Good Karma at with Greg Niland aka GoodROI

If you are looking for more Affiliate Marketing Blogs or Affiliate Marketing Podcasts, check out my Affiliate Marketing Resources Section at

Carsten Cumbrowski

Carsten Cumbrowski
Carsten Cumbrowski has years of experience in Affiliate Marketing and knows both sides of the business as the Affiliate and Affiliate Manager. Carsten has over... Read Full Bio
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