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10 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make additional income or push your products and services. But the best way to do this is by using the right software.

10 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms

One of the most popular, effective, and easiest ways to make some extra dough online is through affiliate marketing – it’s also a great way to spread the word about your products. However, if you are busy with all of the stress that comes with your day-to-day operations, how can you find the time to devote to promoting and managing your affiliate program?

The answer to your predicament is by using affiliate marketing tracking software that will keep tabs on the following types of programs:

  • CPC (Cost per click)
  • CPA (Cost per acquisition)
  • CPM (Cost per impression)
  • CPS (Cost per sale)

Here are some (non-SEJ affiliated) programs that will take care of your affiliate program needs. Keep in mind that this list is placed in no particular order and has been selected because of quality of the service and online reputation.


2014-11-21 14_19_21-CAKEScreen Shot of CAKE 11/21/14

If you’re looking for a complete management tool to track and optimize your affiliate networks, then CAKE should be given serious consideration. Underneath one convenient dashboard you can view the overall performance of your networks, manage contacts, and review analyzing results.

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This cloud-based tool also comes equipped with a wide range of features, such as:

  • Multiple payout formats
  • Real-time metrics
  • Campaigns targeted by location or device
  • Fraud protection
  • Individual portals for clients or affiliates
  • Pixel and post back management
  • Referral rewards
  • 24/7 support

Pricing for this customizable management tool is “based on usage”, depending on what your business requires. There are three different price levels – Select, Pro, and Enterprise – which are offered after you request a quote.

2. HasOffers by TUNE

2014-11-21 14_21_07-Performance Marketing and Attribution Analytics Software by HasOffersScreen of HasOffers by Tune 11/21/14

After being founded by twin brothers Lucas and Lee Brown in 2009, this white-labeled affiliate tracking software has become an industry leader thanks to being innovative and featuring a system that is reliable, scalable, and flexible. Some of the standout features include a two-way API, unlimited amount of affiliates, fraud protection, dedicated solutions option, a mail room, and the ability to convert currencies.

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Besides tracking your affiliate network, you can use this unique software as an ad agency to advertise your e-commerce store.

You can try HasOffers out for a 30-day free trial and then select either the Pro ($279/month), Enterprise ($799/month) or Custom plan.

3. LinkTrust

2014-11-21 14_22_50-Best Affiliate Tracking & Lead Generation Software _ LinkTrustScreen Shot of Link Trust 11/21/14

LinkTrust has been in operation since 2002 and claims to be “the most accurate affiliate tracking software on the market.” And, it may be difficult to argue with that statement. LinkTrust features a customizable interface that allows you to track essentially any sort of advertising online and offline –  cookies, pixels, server posts, host,CPA, CPC, Pay-per-call, mobile traffic. You’ll also have access to “a slew of heavy-duty reports,” filter options for traffic, top-notch support and the patented  LinkTrust Remote Traffic Agent (RTA).

Currently, LinkTRust has three pricing options; Advertiser (Setup $600, Monthly $575) , Network (Setup $2,000, Monthly $1,750) and Lead Gen Setup ($500, Monthly $1250).

4. OmniStar

2014-11-21 14_23_51-Affiliate Program Software, Affiliate Tracking Software MarketingScreen Shot of Omnistar 11/21/14

OmniStar has been in business for over 13 years and states on its website that it has been voted the #1 affiliate software. The company delivers a straightforward and solid tracking software that is easy to set up (it should only take you under 10 minutes to get started), integrates with every payment gateway or shopping cart, OSI Affiliate Software, and connects you with new partners and customers through social media and improved SEO.

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OmniStar also offers five pricing options ranging from $47.95 to $297.95 per month, so finding a plan that suits your business needs shouldn’t be a concern.

5. Impact Radius

2014-11-21 14_26_34-Impact Radius _ Transforming Marketing TechnologyScreen Shot of Impact Radius 11/21/14

Founded by the experts who previously launched Commission Junction,, and LeadPoint, the fully transparent network Impact Radius has been disrupting the industry since 2008. Some of the solutions Impact Radius offers are:

  • Automation of contracting, on boarding, tracking, reporting, and payment of direct affiliates
  • 100% accurate tracking
  • Flexible tracking methods through Pixel, FTP file upload, REST Web Services API, Data Post, and Mobile SDKs
  • Tracking of promo codes
  • Call tracking
  • SEO friendly links
  • Real-time analytics
  • Integration with and CRM
  • Ad hosting

Pricing is not listed on the website, so you will have to contact their sales department to discuss the appropriate plan for your network.

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6. iDevAffiliate

2014-11-21 14_26_52-iDevAffiliate - Affiliate Tracking Software - Affiliate Program SoftwareScreen Shot of iDevAffiliate 11/21/14

iDevAffiliate boasts that it is the #1 selling affiliate tracking software product. Even if there’s some hyperbole there, this popular software has been offering incredible features since 1999. For example, you can design your own payment structure, promote offers through banners, lightboxes, brochures or videos, and create reports that measure daily activity and track marketing statistics. There’s also a built-in shopping integration that is compatible with most cart and checkout systems.

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The iDevAffiliate Standard Edition is available for $149, but there is also the Gold ($249.99), Platinum ($349.99) and Black ($399.99) editions, depending on your needs. If you don’t want to purchase the software, you can lease it for a monthly fee.

7. Lead Dyno

2014-11-21 14_29_57-Lead Dyno - Affiliate Tracking SoftwareScreen Shot of Lead Dyno 11/21/14

As soon as you’re signed up, Lead Dyno automatically creates an Affiliate Sign Up page for you so you can begin to receive traffic from affiliates. You’ll also get your own hosted and customizable page that can track visitors, leads, and customers – you can even track your AdWords campaign. Other interesting features include the easy-to-use recruitment program that invites people to join your network via an email invitation.

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Lead Dyno offers affordable pricing options that begin at $49 per month for the starter package. Other plans include the Accelerator ($79) and Rainmaker ($149).

8. AffiliateWP

2014-11-21 14_30_18-AffiliateWP - Affiliate Marketing Plugin for WordPressScreen Shot of AffiliateWP 11/21/14

If you’re using WordPress for your website or blog, then you should definitely take advantage of AffiliateWP. This plugin not only promotes your products and services, it integrates with the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugins and offers real-time reporting and management of your affiliates. AffiliateWP also accurately tracks any affiliate referrals via caching, provides WooCommerce coupon tracking, and has one of the best supports systems in the industry. And, that’s not even getting into the extensive add-ons offered such as lifetime commissions, recurring referrals, and tiered affiliate rates.

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There are three available pricing plans: Personal ($49), Business ($99) and Developer ($199).

9. Hit Path

2014-11-21 14_33_00-Affiliate Tracking Program, Performance Marketing Tracking Software _ HitPath®Screen Shot of Hit Path 11/21/14

Hit Path is one the fastest and most user-friendly affiliate tracking programs available. By using state-of-the technology, Hit Path can offer a reliable and scalable multichannel tracking platform that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Among the abundance of features that Hit Path comes equipped with are: free training, 24/7 support, real-time campaign tracking, affiliate management, the Crosspub campaign accelerator, accounting module, and a white-labelled interface.

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There is no price listed for Hit Path, but you can sign up for a free demo before getting into contact with a sales representative.

10. Click Inc

2014-11-21 14_34_19-Affiliate Program Software - Affiliate Tracking Software - Affiliate ManagementScreen Shot of Click Inc 11/21/14

The intuitive interface featured within Click Inc. is perfect for those who aren’t familiar with HTML. Not only that, the Trulink format is a great assist if you want to improve your SEO, since it will link directly to your sales page instead of featuring a coded link. Other appealing features include detailed reports that provide traffic status, alerts and graphs containing clicks, commissions, and sales. There are also some stellar management tools that give you the power to create coupons, tier commissions, and follow-up with merchants.

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You can purchase a starter plan for $25 a month and bump up to either the $69 or $149 monthly plan.


Affiliate marketing is a great way to make some additional income or even push your products and services. The best way to do this, however, is by using the right software that will manage, promote, and track your affiliate program accurately and timely. It’s also important to maintain best practices.

Which affiliate marketing tracking software have you used in the past? Would you recommend it to your peers?


Featured Image Source: Shutterstock


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