Top 10 SEO Startups of 2012

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Is that time of the year, when we look at our industries in retrospect. Today, however, instead of telling you what was, we bring you something that could be… All these SEO/SEM startups launched in 2012, and aim to become stronger, better and more popular in 2013.

PlagSpotter: duplicate content checking

A must have tool in any SEOs arsenal is a content checking tool – something to scan the web and find scrapers, and something to protect original content. PlagSpotter is such a tool, an alternative to CopyScape, an online duplicate content checking and monitoring tool, that scans your URL and generates a duplicate content report showing all external URLs that copy your original content.


PlagSpotter: duplicate-content scanning and detection tool.

SEOClearly: A/B testing

Recently featured by Search Engine Journal, SEOClearly produces a variety of split tests (A/B) reports, based on data grabbed directly from Google through Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools.


Site SEO improvements can be seen through testing elements like copy text, layouts, images and more. SEOClearly makes sense of A/B testing results.

Agency Spotter: Find your SEO agency

OK, this is not just to help you find SEO agencies, but all kinds of professionals, from branding to SEM, PR, social media and beyond. You can also add your business. Agency Spotter aims to reinvent how businesses find and work with creative agencies – check them out, and see if they deliver.

Agency Spotter

Agency-Spotter: find and work with creative agencies.

SEMhit: Outsmart your competitors in Search Marketing

Still in closed alpha, SEMhit is an interesting promise: to enable you overtake your competition in search by analyzing the performance of their paid and organic campaigns on Once SEMhit lets you in, you can find new keywords, improve your ad copy and revise your landing page strategy. Also, check and understand the SEO techniques of your challengers. This is another startup we are going to test for your in the near future.

SEMHit: Outsmart your competitors in Search Marketing

Rankpanel: SEO overview for any site

Rankpanel shows you a compact SEO overview for any site, which is not only the summary but also starting point for further in-depth SEO statistics. It also gives you access to keyword ranking data for 500,000 pre-selected keywords from 6 key countries. We will be testing Rankpanel in the near future, to give you a more in-depth overview of the tool and what it can achieve.


Rankpanel is described as a fast and intuitive online SEO tool that provides essential insights for you to help yourself and your clients rank better.

Lucidel: really simple analytics

Lucidel cuts through the clutter of traditional analytics platforms to bring you actionable insights into your site’s visitors. You will learn which demographic segments bring more ROI; who are your visitors and what they want; where your revenue is going and which segments are causing a trend; who is coming to your site and why; and much more.


Lucidel answers the questions that impact your bottom line. create infographics with ease is a free tool to create and share infographics and online charts. You can pick a pre-designed, pixel-perfect infographic template, then make it interactive, by adding charts, videos and maps.

Add interactivity to your data stories. is built with newsrooms in mind.

Yet another search engine: VerticalSet

It seems like every year we witness the birth of a new search engine. Well 2012 is no exception. Meet VerticalSet, the “next generation search engine” developed by Amit Ambardekar. The search engine can be adjusted to optimize the search performance, through a series of search extensions like Google News, Wikipedia Search, Twitter Search, IP2location as well as GRE word, Urban Dictionary, Blekko Slashtag Sear…, QWiki, Stackoverflow Search and DDG Goodies.


With VerticalSet you can change the search experience the way you want.

SRCH2: Enterprise search software

SRCH2 attempts to fill a gap in the search industry, especially for enterprise solutions, where search engines are built on software that is more than a decade old. The software is built from the ground-up by Stanford and Google alums. SRCH2 sees search as a friendly, meaningful and convergent conversation between the user and the data.The SRCH2 engine uses in-memory algorithms to support ultra fast instant search on large amounts of data. It is 10 – 100x faster than the most commonly used enterprise search software. Its built-in error-tolerance, forward indexing, and rapid geo-search make it the best available mobile search tool.


SRCH2 is feature-rich, and blazing fast.

Browseo: Browse any site like a search engine

Browseo is a web app that allows you to view any web page without distractions caused by styles. It also highlights parts of a page that are relevant for SEO.


Liliana Steffens
Liliana Dumitru-Steffens is a digital marketing expert and content curator, for Pamil Visions PR. She writes for Everything PR, and is a regular contributor to... Read Full Bio
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  • Jose Kont

    VerticalSet is a amazing idea. I’m sure that some of this startups are going to grow very fast in the 2013.

    Best regards!

  • Theopenion

    Hi Liliana ,

    very Good effort to collect that kind of data and share with us but why put their email id their Is it the full version or just a beta version ?

    • Mihaela Lica Butler

      I believe all are betas, Theopenion. But what do you mean that verticalset put their email id?

  • Kelsey L. Jones

    Wow, what a great round-up. I think I clicked on almost every link. I’m especially excited about Thank you!

  • Carl

    Nice one, I must admit that I see most of these tools for first time and definitely would try few that grabbed my interest. For sure there is always space for improvement related to SEO.

  • Chandler Bryson

    Hey Liliana, Really great list of tools that are going to help me definitely, Thank you very much for sharing thi beneficial list. I have been using for creating info-graphics, i find it very easy to use with the templates they provide to work on, It is beneficial to use Rankpanel & PlagSpotter, these are very nice tools. I want to ask what is special in Lucidel ?

    • Mihaela Lica Butler

      Hi Chandler,

      I will review Lucidel (and some other startups listed here) in the upcoming weeks for you and other readers who are interested. You can then see a more in-depth analysis, that will answer your question. I hope you will come back to read it. 🙂


      • Chandler Bryson

        Of course Mihaela, I will come back to read your post. 🙂

  • Jame Bond

    “I believe all are betas, Theopenion. But what do you mean that verticalset put their email id?

    ” same my thing!

  • Ydeveloper

    Welcome all to the world of SEO, all are excellent and they have done great job so far.

  • Meylakh Barshay

    Hey Liliana!

    Thank you so much for the mention – Just to let your readers know, we actually very recently updated our entire layout and added new features to our product. If anyone wants more information on trying out our premium account for free, email me or

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  • Joseph Raccuglia

    Thanks for the mention Liliana! And for pulling together this watch list ; lots of great startups!

    For your readers:
    If you are at an agency, come make sure you’re listed on the site!
    If you are a marketer, come join (it’s free!) and start finding your next great agency.

    We are totally up for the challenge to deliver! We are looking forward to 2013 as a big year for helping business and agencies find each other though our site.

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  • Scott

    Agency Spotter? They have like 4 followers on Facebook – I’m guessing they’re not exactly going to hook me up with any leads anytime soon. This this a pay-per-post because if it is, I have some startups I would like to get mentioned.

  • Gerrid Smith

    Thanks for these helpful tips, Liliana. I’ve been an avid Copyscape subscribers the past years but I welcome new anti-scrapers service provider such as PlagSpotter. >>>> will check this out!

  • seo and wordpress

    Thanks for the mention Liliana!
    these helpful tips.

  • Oleksiy

    Dear Liliana,

    Thanks so much for mentioning us and awarding with the 1st place!!! We are in the middle of launching significant improvements to our report pages (layout, speed, accuracy) as well as plan to incorporate a number of new features (such as batch URL checking, offline content checking, etc.). Appreciate any feedback from the SEO community we can get in order to make our duplicate content detection and monitoring tool better.

  • Nirmala

    Very well consolidation and interesting to know about the SEO start-ups. Am a newbie blogger and I hope these tools would help me to do better blogging.

  • Mark Vozzo

    Hey Liliana, this is a fantastic list of sites. Thanks so much for putting it together. I’ve been doing SEO for many years now, and boy-o-boy do I wish existed a few years back, it’s totally a major time saver for doing on-page SEO Analysis. Thanks you!

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    Absolutely stunning post. All listed start-up website are unique in them self’s and lot more potential from marketing prospective.

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  • laurens

    I’ve seen a lot of services offering plagiarism detection services, why the one in the list is marked as the Top – I do not really understand.

  • Paul Baguley

    Thanks for sharing these tools and sites.

  • Tom Chambers

    Excellent list, saw and liked that especially. Thank you for putting this together.