Tools to Find Your Competitors Keyword Rankings

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Before I start reviewing available tools showing which keywords your competitors rank high in Google, let me describe how you can use this information:

  • do not just copy-paste your competitors’ keywords, use it as additional help for your keyword research;
  • compare which keywords your competitors optimized their pages (i.e. tried to rank for) and which keywords they ended up ranking for. Thus you’ll be able to avoid their mistakes.

1. SEO Digger (paid with free trial) will show you Google keyword position, check date (International style: DD/MM/YYYY) and Wordtracker rank:

SEO Digger

2. SpyFu (paid with free trial) spies for both your competitors’ organic search rankings and Google Adwords campaign keywords:

organic search rankings

3. KeywordSpy (paid with free trial) will show you both the keyword your competitor ranked for and the total number of results returned for this keyword. While the tool does have some really user-friendly interface, it lacks some sorting options.


4. KeywordRemix (if the tool is back, please comment) also offers some interesting data on keyword rankings such as total number of results in Google, Google News and Google Blog Search competition, data age and synonymous phrases (the tool also has some bugs: it shows one and the same key term multiple times):


Final note: all these tools showed me different keywords. So my advice is to try all of them before you decide which one is better for you.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

Brand amd Community Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing,... Read Full Bio
Ann Smarty
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  • Andrey

    I found this tool to be very useful and cool…

  • Ankit

    Thanks ann for sharing !!

  • website design

    om – What keywords do your competitors target? Find it out.

  • Brandon Adcock

    Spyfu FTW. I have found it to be scary accurate

  • Kien

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for! TY!

  • Marketing Minefield

    Some excellent tools there. I’ve always found that KeywordSpy works well but wasn’t actually aware of KeywordRemix… will try that out shortly.

  • Michael

    Just tried KeywordRemix and found the results very interesting. Thanks for the advice. Am learning something new everyday.

  • Street Signs

    Thanks for the info. This is what I needed.

  • Best SEO Practices

    Thanks Ann, very useful as usual.

  • visiblenet

    Very interesting list Ann, great job rounding all these up and relaying it to all of your readers. Recently we developed our own too for use in-house that was primarily intended for keyword and ranking research. I have found it to also make a pretty decent competitor tool for anyone interested in learning what keywords they are targeting and where they might rank on G, Y and M. Thought your readers may be interested in trying it out. We encourage feedback so please let us know what you all think.

    (Note: the link above is reported to have viruses.)

  • SEO levne

    The last note is really fun: “Final note: all these tools showed me different keywords.” But anyway, they seem like great tools, thank you for the article.

  • Sheyne BRanconnier

    Research your online competitors (adcopy, adwords, and landing pages) here for free.
    There are no limitations on the number of results nor how many times you can use the service and it is completely free.

  • Andrew

    If you’re already using adwords in some form then a great way to check these tools is to see what they say about your own campaigns.

    Comparing their results to what you know your doing shows how reliable they are.

  • Paul Morales

    Thanks! I found these tools useful for both PPC and SEO. Awesome find!

  • Money Maker Webtools

    Yup, these are also my picks for keyword research. You can use these tools for regular SEO or for making targeted Adsense Websites

  • Rick

    is coming up with a online virus, beware

  • IWG appears to be a parked page now.

  • Ann Smarty

    @IWG, thanks, the post is edited.

  • Pro Web Desin Studios

    Good little tool with semrush. I don’t think their info on search volume is correct though. For we design they said the average monthly search volume was only 18,000 but in my Googe account they say that the search volume is 2 million nationally and 4million globally, so not sure what to think about that.

  • Pro Web Desin Studios

    This is crap. What is it with everyone and their no-follow tags in the links of blogs. I thought that was the whole point of blogs to trade links post articles and generate good indexing and backlinks.

  • Sahus Pilwal, Search Marketing Sussex

    I’m caught between SpyFu & KeywordSpy. Not too sure which one I should sign up too. Also considering ….. anyone got experience of the above?

  • Alliance Leveling Guide

    Excellent review and very helpful info. Hope you make a post for software that can do the job too, rather than websites. Thanks

  • Adrian Castro

    Are there any reputable tools that have enough features and at the same time are free? There is always an upsell when you see “free”.

  • Jayesh

    Hi Ann
    Nice post as many internet user don’t know these very useful tools.

  • Govind

    Good tools but is there any free tool

  • hoang vu

    I find it useful too

  • Bonnie

    Thanks for sharing great infomation to us, and thanks for your 3 tools. Actually, I just know google keyword tool. I am be out. I will try the 2 others.

  • Terry Helliker

    This may be an old article, but the tools are still relevant. Maybe you could do update to this article and review some of the newer tools available, such as SEM Rush, Compete, WooRank and so on. Thank you for the great review. Look forwarding to reading further.

  • JC Carlos

    I agree. SEMrush should be on this list. 🙂

  • prettyming

    Thanks for the useful information. Currently I am using to find my competitors keywords, and spy on high traffic low competition keywords. It’s pretty easy to use and powerful. I will go to test these keyword tools also and see which one I will like the best.

  • marie

    Thanks Ann, it’s still a very good article.

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    Thank you! Very usefull info.