Tools to Find Your Competitors Keyword Rankings

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Tools to Find Your Competitors Keyword Rankings

Before I start reviewing available tools showing which keywords your competitors rank high in Google, let me describe how you can use this information:

  • do not just copy-paste your competitors’ keywords, use it as additional help for your keyword research;
  • compare which keywords your competitors optimized their pages (i.e. tried to rank for) and which keywords they ended up ranking for. Thus you’ll be able to avoid their mistakes.

1. SEO Digger (paid with free trial) will show you Google keyword position, check date (International style: DD/MM/YYYY) and Wordtracker rank:

SEO Digger

2. SpyFu (paid with free trial) spies for both your competitors’ organic search rankings and Google Adwords campaign keywords:

organic search rankings

3. KeywordSpy (paid with free trial) will show you both the keyword your competitor ranked for and the total number of results returned for this keyword. While the tool does have some really user-friendly interface, it lacks some sorting options.


4. KeywordRemix (if the tool is back, please comment) also offers some interesting data on keyword rankings such as total number of results in Google, Google News and Google Blog Search competition, data age and synonymous phrases (the tool also has some bugs: it shows one and the same key term multiple times):


Final note: all these tools showed me different keywords. So my advice is to try all of them before you decide which one is better for you.


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