SEJ Toolbox

In the quest to improve our team’s productivity and operations, the SEJ team constantly evaluates new tools and platforms. We adopt very few. Below are the best tools in the industry for our editorial, sales, tech, and social media needs. If you are looking to work smarter, not harder, we highly recommend these tools.

When you choose to purchase these independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn affiliate commissions that support our work. Thank you for supporting SEJ.

Tools Used in Search Engine Journal
Brent Csutoras Brent Csutoras Connecting to our followers and keeping them updated on the newest SEO and digital marketing news is our main priority on social media. From generating leads to boosting SEJ's content, these social media tools and services enable us to engage, promote, track results, and stay organized.

WordPress is an open source website builder and content management system. It is one of the most popular website building tools on the market due to easy customization through plugins.

Why do we use it?

WordPress is the platform that SEJ is built on and it serves us well. We can find or custom build any feature we want or need for our site.


Blubrry is a podcast hosting platform with built-in analytics. It also syncs with WordPress, which makes it super easy to use with our site.

Why do we use it?

Blurbrry hosts our Marketing Nerds podcast, and I love that we can easily embed the podcast on any article on our site.


GoToCitrix is a meeting and webinar platform. It allows people to meet, share screens, video chat, and even host webinars.

Why do we use it?

We use GoTo to host our webinars and most of our team meetings. It is intuitive and easy to use. As a remote team, video chatting and screen sharing are vital to our collaboration and GoTo helps us get work done.


iTunes is the Apple media player and a portal for accessing Podcasts.

Why do we use it?

SEJ uses iTunes to share our Marketing Nerds podcast and also host reviews. It is easy to use and popular with tech and marketing folks, so it works well for us.


Slideshare allows users the ability to upload and share publicly or privately PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Adobe PDF Portfolios.

Why do we use it?

SEJ uploads webinar presentations, and SEJ Summit speaker presentations to Slideshare. It is a good reference point to our readers, webinar and SEJ Summit attendees.


Shutterstock is a global marketplace for digital images that make SEJ articles visually appealing to readers.

Why do we use it?

We love the variety of photos in Shutterstock! There is a wide spread of photos covering various subjects that enhances SEJ's visual communications.

Jessica Cromwell Jessica Cromwell Director, Sales & Events Sales SEJ connects brands to the search marketing community. Find out what tools we use to fuel our business and keep both our readers and trade partners happy.

MailChimp is an opt-in email marketing service. It offers permission-only email marketing solutions, sign up forms, and autoresponder software to subscribers helping businesses communicate more effectively and profitably with prospects and customers.

Why do we use it?

We use MailChimp to communicate with our readers about industry news, popular posts on our site, updates about our SEJ Summit conference series, and to share special offerings from our partners. We prefer to use MailChimp as our email marketing software because of its opt-in functionality which helps to keep us out of spam folders as well as the ability to create a segment of subscribers based on the geographic data that we collect based on subscribers' IP address.


Adobe EchoSign is a virtual e-signature software that takes the place of retrieving handwritten signatures for just a few clicks. It is compliant with the federal E-SIGN Act, therefore, legally equivalent to pen-and-paper under federal U.S. and state laws.

Why do we use it?

We use Adobe EchoSign to execute sales contracts and other documents that might require signature. It makes executing a contract efficient, trackable, and easy to control. Plus, it's great for the planet because you're not wasting any paper.


Zapier is a web automation tool that allows you to connect the apps your company regularly uses to automate tasks and save time.

Why do we use it?

We use Zapier to connect applications and automate workflows for more efficient processes. It saves our team time on tedious tasks such as transferring registration info from our GoToWebinar account to our newsletter list in Aweber, as well as automatically extracting data from multiple software platforms into consolidated reports.

Vahan Petrosyan Vahan Petrosyan Director, IT and Infrastructure Tech The news and information SEJ provides wouldn’t be possible without an efficient and reliable technical backbone. View the many technical tools and plug-ins we use to ensure our online machinery is functioning smoothly.

Presslabs specializes in WordPress hosting dedicated to
publishers with high volume traffic.

Why do we use it?

The fastest WordPress hosting we ever have used.
No other hostings were able to provide us with response times under 200msec.


Improve your WordPress SEO using the Yoast SEO plugin! It analyzes your content and provides recommendations on how you can better optimize it. It also comes with other functionalities such as XML Sitemaps, .htaccess, robots.txt files, and more.

Why do we use it?

The most advanced plugin for managing all kinds of settings and controlling blog SEO.


The official heatmap tracking plugin for WordPress.

Why do we use it?

We use Crazyegg to find areas
of our site layout that have the highest user activity. It helps us to optimize our layout.


ShortPixel Image Optimizer optimizes images and PDFs published on your site by instantly processing new file uploads.

Why do we use it?

The only plugin we have tried for optimizing images that Google didn't complain about image sizes. There are many on the market, but this one optimizes in a Google-compliant way.


WP auto-generates shortlinks for all your WordPress posts and pages using the link shortener service.

Why do we use it?

We integrate bitly with WordPress. Whenever a post is published, it automatically creates a shortlink.


Display a list of related posts on your site using the Yet Another Related Posts plugin. On the front end, it introduces relevant content to your readers.

Why do we use it?

Awesome plugin for displaying related posts. It is developer-friendly which provides flexible template system for customizing how related posts look.


LinkPatrol is a WordPress plugin that cleans up your outgoing link profile. It controls the links on your website and it’s the easiest way to keep track of, review, and clean up links in your posts and pages. It also helps protect your site from spammy links, keeping your site healthy.

Why do we use it?

This plugin helps to monitor all our blog links and helps to avoid getting hit with Google penalties.


Contact Form 7 can manage multiple web forms that are customizable using a simple markup code. The plugin supports Ajax-powered submission forms, CAPTCHA, and Akismet spam filtering

Why do we use it?

Great free plugin that provides very easy management of contact forms. It also has flexible action hooks and is developer friendly.


This official WordPress plugin allows you to insert BSA codes, including widgets and RSS/mobile advertisements, on your site.

Why do we use it?

The BuySellAds WordPress plugin helps to integrate our site with BSA easily.


This dashboard presents the statistics in a beautiful way under the WordPress Posts/Pages at front end, backend, and in its own Dashboard.

Why do we use it?

We use its libraries for connecting to GA API and doing queries for our custom needs.


Dataddo helps us easily automate data management (i.e., extraction, transformation and delivery) and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Why do we use it?

We use this integration for our custom reporting needs via Google Data Studio.