The Importance of Images [Infographic]

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MDG Advertising created a great infographic called “It’s all About The Images“. Some of these infographics are fantastic resources for those of us that have to deal with clients that have no understanding of what it takes to succeed. This IG makes it extremely clear how critical good images are needed in any marketing venture. This is basically an educational piece that needs to be printed out for clients.

Click image to expand.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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Melissa Fach

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  • Garavi Gujarat

    Nice Infographice,

  • Nikhil Goyal

    I have seen exactly the same results. And I have been encouraging my clients to go for good quality images for the same reason.

    I have also sean one thing, on facebook pages, if I use a lot of images.. The page become really long and a lot of post appear hidden, as compared to using text based updates. In some cases, I have seen that simple text updates outperform all other updates.

    Any clue?

  • Audrey Abbey

    Very well explained, infographics are cool and widely becoming a marketing staple for companies.