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Social Media Tool Review: BuzzBundle

Social Media Tool Review: BuzzBundle

This is a sponsored post.

This week, I got a chance to try out BuzzBundle, a new social media tracking and management tool from Link-Assistant.com. Checking out the site, the product does seem to promise quite a few features; some I’d seen offered by competitors, but others were new to me.

The feature concerning Competition and keeping watch on links, comments, and so on looked like something I could use. I was interested to see if I could create some social buzz and to see how BuzzBundle differed from other products and services currently on the market. I know there are many similar products out there, so let’s dissect what BuzzBundle has to offer.

Manage Multiple Users

The first two features highlighted by BuzzBundle are “Create Different Personas” and “Add Any Number of Social Profiles.” These two features go hand in hand, and I must say BuzzBundle is extremely easy to set up and use.

I wish I had known about this product a few months ago as it would have benefited a client greatly; her biggest complaint with their social media strategy was that she had so many accounts to manage, from her CEO’s to her personal one. BuzzBundle will take care of that.

BuzzBundle allows you to set up a number of Personas. So if you are the marketing director, you can set up one for yourself, one for the marketing department, manage your CEO’s, and even create a persona for a target audience. Within each Persona you are able to set up an unlimited number of Profiles. Add Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn accounts for each persona. Equally useful is the ability to add forum profiles, blogs, and Yahoo! Answers.

Schedule Posts

Many similar products offer the ability to manage multiple users. However, with BuzzBundle, the real benefit is the ease in using whichever persona makes sense at the time. For instance, another highlighted feature is being able to schedule a post across a number of social networks. You can choose which person this message is coming from within the same screen—I feel this is a huge time saver. Schedule Tweets, Facebook, and Linkedin posts for the day from the CEO, Marketing Department, and other team members all at the same time. Fantastic time saver and ease of use.


Track Competitors’ Mentions

One of the main areas I wanted to check out was the Competitors’ Mentions Tracking. You are able to add up to 10 competitors, as well as 10 additional links for each site, so you can add your competitors’ Facebook pages, niche landing pages, YouTube channel, and whatever else you’d like to track.

You will see the blog posts, forums, and social media properties your competition is getting backlinks from and mentioned on. The wonderful thing is, all you need to do is click on the live link within the column and the page will open into a live browser window within the software.

Join Talks without Leaving the Screen

Which leads me to another nice convenience feature. Within the column, which streamed relevant blog and forum posts, a live link to the website was included. All I had to do was click on the link and the site was live within the browser window in the software. I could join the forum and add a comment without leaving the screen.

image003Another fun feature within the browser window is a PageRank checker. Whatever URL is in the browser, the page rank will be shown to the right of the URL. I thought that was a really great touch.


  • The ease of switching between personas
  • The ability to change a project with the drop down menu
  • Allowed to post to multiple social channels at the same time
  • One-ime fee
  • Ability to see pages live within software browser
  • Easily add forum profiles to a persona


  • Could use a more detailed walk-through or guide
  • Software-based

BuzzBundle offers quite a bit of value—but don’t take my word for it. Check out the free version first for a risk-free test drive. I am adding a few more projects now and can’t wait to see the Buzz I create!

Laura Cruz

Freelance Writer | Consultant at Laura Cruz Speaks

Laura Cruz is a freelance writer, speaker and online marketing consultant. She has been in the affiliate marketing world for ...

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