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In his recent post at SEOmoz, Tom mentioned submitting to (niche) social media sites as an important step of any link bait (once you get past your link bait roadblock):

  • you get links from social media sites (which is good in any case);
  • you get attention of the community of people who are interested particularly in your topic (which means more comments and new loyal readers);
  • you get more links (if you are lucky and smart enough) from people frequenting those social sites;
  • you get more social media connections (outside SEO niche) which means more help in the future.

So how to actually do it in order not to screw any of the above points? The answer is simple: do it right. By just spamming all you will achieve is #1 above (provided your submission is not deleted as spam). Take time investigating the community and contributing to it.

Social networks that grow around user submissions can be divided into two groups: social bookmarking and social voting sites.

Social bookmarking is all about sharing. What you need to make sure here is:

  • Proper tagging: do your homework and investigate how other (similar) stories are tagges at each site. Picking the right relevant and popular tags is crucial if you want your submission to be found.
  • Social bookmarking site structure: oftentimes these sites content is only available after login or offers no way for Google to index its users profiles and submissions. So if you are there only for links, you won’t achieve a lot.

Social voting is all about popularity. Stories get noticed only if they reach the front page. What you need to succeed there:

  • Become a power user or make a connection with a power user. That’s the law of every social media site, you need to work hard to get noticed there.
  • Participate: comment at others’ submissions, submit your friends’ stories, add members to friends, complete your profile (don’t forget about the profile picture) and send (to-the-point) messages to other members.

Now, how to find those networks and sites?

  • Take advantage of awesome lists compiled by someone else:
  • Do your own search:
    • Here is a directory of niche social bookmarking sites sorted by category and popularity. Some of them do not use direct (or “do-follow”) links for submissions, but it is still a good way to attract targeted audience.
    • You can find even more sites powered by Pligg by running a quick search at Yahoo: [link: keyword] and [link: keyword]
    • Check out Pligg forum to find more emerging social bookmarking sites.
Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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  • Coach Dad

    Many of us use the ‘Book Mark Me’ or ‘Add Me’ tool on our sites with no real plan how to leverage. Some of the actions above are some what intuitive but if one never starts what’s the point ? I believe using the techniques at two or three sites (not necessarily the big boys) will work well over time.

    I no longer concern myself with the ‘no-follow’ issue. If you have something to say, say it well – the rest takes care of itself.

    Coach Dad

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