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SmartWikiSearch Finds Related Keywords and Phrases

There have been a few articles already where I shared how to use Wikipedia tools for keyword and topic research (Wikipedia visualization tools are especially good for that).

Today I am sharing another nice tool that generates the list of logically related concepts: Smart Wiki Search.

For any concept you specify the tool provides the corresponding Wikipedia article (in red) and the list of “similar” concepts:

[Weight loss]

Smart wiki search

The site describes itself as “a similarity search engine” that “uses the link structure of Wikipedia to calculate which concepts each page is associated with.”

For the tool to work:

  • The concept you enter should have a separate page on Wikipedia;
  • The concept you enter should be popular enough (obviously, the article should be well-interlinked).

What I found the most useful was its ability to search for more than one concept:

…enter “Food” and you will be presented with a list of Wikipedia pages discussing common foodstuffs. Add “Jewish”, and it will find pages where the concept of “Food” overlaps with the concept of Jewish culture – Jewish cuisine, Kosher food etc.

Let’s proceed with the example shown above:

[Weight loss, fashion]

Smart Wiki Search - combined

Seems to work, doesn’t it?

The tool was reviewed under SEJ policy.

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SmartWikiSearch Finds Related Keywords and Phrases

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