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3 Awesome Wikipedia Tools and How They Can Be Useful

3 Awesome Wikipedia Tools and How They Can Be Useful

Love it or hate it, Wikipedia is a widely used, vigorously discussed and actively updated reference resource. The “usefulness” of the tools listed below is based on the following features of Wikipedia:

  • it is popular;
  • it is user generated;
  • it is attentively monitored and edited;
  • it stores a huge amount of material on various topics;
  • it ranks well in Google organic search.

Now let’s see the three Wiki tools, SEOs and bloggers can find very useful:

1. Wikipedia article traffic statistics – the value is pretty obvious: if wiki ranks on top for your main (or one of your) targeted key terms, this tool can help you estimate how much traffic it can generate (note: Google is not the only Wikipadia traffic source of course, but the tool is a good traffic estimator in itself):

Wikipedia article traffic statistics

2. is an awesome keyword and association research tool.

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Copy-paste a piece of content or an URL and the service will list you related Wikipedia articles:

3. Deletionpedia tracks deleted or highly questionable articles of Wikipedia.

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Use it as a hot trend tracker for more ideas and news to discuss at your blog – have a look at its “Pages with 200 or more revisions” category and “L content“, for example – to get multiple ideas for “list”-type link-baiting content.



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