A routine check-up at the doctor’s office is something you need to do regularly. You feel healthy but you want to be absolutely sure your body is functioning as it should. Getting a site audit is just like going for a doctor’s check-up. A site audit needs to be conducted frequently to ensure your website’s health and check that everything is working properly.


On April 5th, SEJ Think Tank hosted a site audit webinar, which consisted of our team evaluating selected sites and giving out recommendations on SEO, content, and social media strategy. The live site audit was moderated by SEJ’s Chief Social Media Strategist Brent Csutoras and the panel included the expertise of our Founder, Loren Baker, Social Producer Caitlin Rulien, and Features Writer Anna Crowe.

Audited Sites and Recommendations

During the webinar, the panel gave their feedback on sites submitted for review then took questions live from the audience. To get the most out of the presentation, I highly recommend watching the full video.



This site ranks on top for grammar-related search terms. Our panelists identified a few issues and gave out recommended solutions:


Mabel’s Labels

This company dominates the kids’ labels space. Suggestions by our panelists include:


GTM Payroll Services

This company provides payroll, tax, and other related services to household and business employers. Our panelists had these recommendations:


Yellow Pages Canada

Our panelists noted a few issues with this site:


Mint State Gold

Our panelists identified some major issues with this site:


Tools of the Trade

Here are some tools mentioned by our panelists which can be used by site owners to check on different aspects of their website.

Editor Note: The SEJ team is not affiliated with any of these tools.


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