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I have been using Propeller for quite some time now, and have always felt propeller to be a great source for quality traffic and weighted link from a search engine optimization stand point. I did however always feel there was a lot of functionality missing from Propeller.

There seemed to be a limited about of social aspects to the property and have always wished they would drive down the road of bring in more social elements to the property.

Propeller has recently gone through some major changes which include the aesthetics of the property, changes to their user interface, and additional functionality. Let’s take detailed look at what Propeller done with their recent overhauls.

The first thing that I noticed with the new interface of Propeller was there is a lack of news content above the fold.

Propeller AOL

Well actually 99.9% of the content that appears above the fold has nothing to do with current news, which is supposed to be their focus right? Hmmm I guess users don’t want to see the news. Instead the home page showcases a brand new mascot along with new navigation tabs “Just In” and “Socialize”.

The home page does however showcase 15 top rated articles which can be seen once you scroll throw the many apparent ads Propeller has placed through the home page. Seems to me Propeller is taking the route of caring to much about publishers (Increase is ads) and not enough about the user base (lack of prominent news content). The new category structure really showcases this point; Propeller has decreased their categories down to a total of 9. This is way down from their original category count.

Propeller has added a new tab called “socialize” which includes new features to aid in the user’s interaction with others. This area was a definite need as the community base in Propeller was more disconnected compared to other social news properties.

Areas of focus within the socialize tab include:

  • Meet the Community
  • Featured Group
  • Featured Member
  • Most Active Members
  • Most Popular Groups
  • Newest Members
  • Newest Groups
  • Top Submitters
  • Top Commenters

These added features will definitely add to the social element that Propeller was missing from the first go around. The only issue I see with these features is the fact that there is nothing new and innovative about them. If Propeller wants to increase their user base to compete with a social news site such as Digg, they need to come up with features that are unique to propeller to draw those users.

The “Just In” tab is a great feature that many users get addicted to. Just in showcases the most recent stories, comments, and community events that are happening. Many users will find this to be a great addition however there are users out there that will find this real time update feed useless.

Although Propeller has made significant progress with adding more functionality to attempt to immerse the user within the property, I can’t help feel the internal focus of propeller shift from user experience and news to simply a publisher’s model. If Propeller is to gain the user base Digg has they are doing to have to re-think their strategy.

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  • Tinu

    Well, as with all these sites, I believe success will lie in actually listening to the *entire* user base. Then again, listening to one core user group and ignoring everyone else seems to have worked for Digg in terms of popularity… for now.

  • Darrell Long

    lol yeah its very crucial to listen to your user base, i think Propeller has lost sight of their user base.

  • Burgo

    Darrell, you might want to do some editing on that post… there seem to be quite a few grammatical errors there. Just sayin’ is all… 😛

  • Web Design Romania

    Maybe Propeller needs money so bad that the ads are the priority now

  • seo

    I observed that also that Propeller has a big changes in interface but maybe on the navigation

  • busby seo

    refer like that Propeller it too has a big changes in interface

  • Ryan Nagy

    Hmmm. I must admit that I had never heard of propellor until I read your post! Shall I hang my head in shame? They seem to have a high page rank (8). Personally, I have been moving into smaller and smaller Web 2.0 sites in order to get more targeted traffic. But propellor does look interesting.

    cheers – Ryan

  • cohnsey

    propeller kinda stinks. i like stumbleupon the best

  • Kat

    I am not a fan of the new aesthetics. Sort of loses some street cred points in my book. I tend to agree with @RyanNagy in that moving to niche communities will garner more targeted traffic and will hopefully build long term relationships.

  • CBR

    The old version needed to be fixed and the new version redircts links so I guess the link juice is not passed. I am voting with my feet and going back to Digg.

  • Steve

    They don’t have nofollow tags which is good, but there’s no way to add text to a link either. Or am I missing something. What are the SEO benefits other than a non-relevat link back to the source?

  • cooltop

    I agree: just stick with Digg. Phil Hughes, Esteli, Nicaragua