Launching a New Site : With SEO in Mind & as if Search Engines Did Not Exist

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Launching a New Site : With SEO in Mind & as if Search Engines Did Not Exist

How to Launch a New Site with SEO in Mind:

1. Choose a relevant domain name – I am not saying “keyword based” domain as that’s getting more and more difficult, but “relevant” domain that will:

  • help your readers/customers associate your site with your niche;
  • ensure relevant backlink anchor text (people tend refer to a site using its domain name).

2. Think over website structure (I am listing only those points that are crucially important at the very start):

  • URL structure (short static-looking, page-title-based URLs);
  • Website size (if you are planning to launch a huge dynamic website, don’t start with showing search engines all multiple pages – start with few most important ones and then grow it gradually and consistently).

Pretend search engines do not exist (enjoy your life while waiting for search engines to find you):

1. Don’t try to get the site indexed as fast as possible:

  • don’t rush to get backlinks to show a search engine your site (SEs are so heavily spammed that it might make things even worse);
  • don’t submit your site to SEs (that’s stopped working long ago).

2. Gradually update your content;

3. Search for alternative traffic sources: start commenting at relevant blogs, participate in forums and social media. That’s a great way to find your audience before an SE finds you and also generate nice natural backlinks from people you meet there.

4. Don’t rush correcting the mistakes once your site is indexed and you see that something is wrong. If you, for example, see the SEs indexing ‘wrong’/’extra’ links (you might have forgotten to nofollow) or ranking some non-important pages higher than your home page, don’t try to implement any changes at the very start. Continue enjoying your life until SEs make sure your site is good, then steadily implement changes if you still think they are necessary.

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