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SEMRush : Research Competitors’ PPC Tactics

SEOquake, one of my favorite FireFox SEO extensions, has been recently heavily integrated with SEMrush, an awesome keyword research tool I’ve reviewed earlier. The new features of the add-on are so cool that I found it worth listing them here.

Explore your competitors’ PPC tactics right from the SERPs: search Google for any term and access Adwords data for any domain currently paying for the term (a better and free alternative of PPCwebspy):

SEOquake: PPC data from SERPs

On clicking on the SEMrush icon, you’ll be able to see all terms the domain owner is paying for and relevant paid search data: position, number of results, cost per click, average monthly search volume, and the URL the SERP refers to:

SEOquake: PPC data

What’s more, SEMrush is integrated in organic search results. For each listing in SERPs you will be able to see:

  • SEMrush rating (linked to the domain report: organic and paid search terms, Adwords ads text, competitors);
  • Monthly traffic price (Theoretical price for visitors coming from the site listings in Google organic search).
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SEMRush : Research Competitors’ PPC Tactics

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