2 Cool FireFox Addons for PPC Managers

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Surprisingly, we have only few good FireFox addons for PPC marketers (please share if you are using any not mentioned below). Today I am reviewing two extensions I am using more or less regularly:

PPC Web Spy (ppcwebspy.com) (note: before checking the tool or even buying the premium version please see the comments below (fairly) criticizing it) inserts a button under each Google paid search result allowing you to analyze the site PPC campaign. The service offers both free and paid accounts: standard (free) account holder can only see first 10 keywords; if you want to see 50 keywords, you’ll have to pay $97.

Here is a sample report – each keyword is linked to Google Adwords External tool for further research:

PPC Web Spy

Note: if a site has been using AdWords for less than 45 days, it won’t be available for further analysis – here’s a not I got a few times when attempting to see the report:

This website has likely not been advertising via Google Adwords for a period of 45 consecutive days. No keywords have been collected for this website because of this. In most cases, websites that have not advertised via Adwords for 45 days are not websites that you should consider monitoring, as they have not proven themselves to be profitable Adwords advertisers yet.

Google Global is a must-have FireFox addon for PPC management – it lets you see Adwords for other countries. Right-click on Google search results to choose the location:

Google Global

  • View paid and organic search results as they appear in different cities.
  • View paid and organic search results as they appear in different regions.
  • View paid and organic search results from a specific IP address.
  • View paid and organic search results from any US ZIP code.
  • View paid and organic search results from different language results pages.

Note: you can also see international paid search results by adding [gl=country extention] to the query string:


One more extension I’ve never used but plan to: PPC management for FireFox which looks also great.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

Brand amd Community Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing,... Read Full Bio
Ann Smarty
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  • James Zolman

    Hi Ann, Thanks for the hat tip for our ‘ppc management for firefox’ add-on! 🙂

  • Bigge O

    PPC Web Spy is pure spamware, i cannot understand how you can promote that. Are you so desperate for money?

  • ralph chu

    I don’t think you should recommend a tool like PPC spy. A pure spam. Even the standard version is trying to manipulate my SERPs. I also checked their keyword data for two sites I have, not that accurate. No idea how they get those keyword data. Maybe just make up some as the bait and trick you to download it.

  • Ron K.

    Services like Spy are junk, highly inaccurate and prey upon those with little knowledge. We spend well over $100k/month on paid search and I have yet to find a tool that accurately tells me what keywords drive traffic to a site. They provide an educated guess at best. Would not promote this type of tool. And if I wanted to see search results for other countries, I would use the tool from Google not an add on, searching in your own browser does not accurately show search results – cookies, search history, click history are all factors in play here.

  • Gidseo

    On the other hand, Google Global looks like a very useful tool!

  • Ann Smarty

    @Ron, Ralph, Bigge, thanks a lot for sharing your opinion! I updated the post encouraging our readers to check your comments before using the tool.

  • Mike

    That’s too bad about PPC Web Spy. Has anyone found any more accurate alternatives?

  • Anon

    Seriously I don’t know what your gripe about PPC webspy is. I haven’t personally used it, but I do have a copy of AdSpyPro running (although, it really could do with better functionality).

    @ralph – they get the data by using a bot to type millions of keywords into google everyday and noting down who appears in the ads. This means you can use the tool to search for “cats.com” and it’ll then retrieve all other keywords where it saw cats.com appear.

    I don’t see this as spam, hacking or anything of the sort. As for accuracy, well, they’ll only come back with keywords they found, the amount is limited to what their bot actually searches everyday.

    If you really want to get a hold of the advertisers in your niche I’d suggest programming your own tool and then inputting as many keywords realted to your niche as possible.

  • aaron wall

    >>Seriously I don’t know what your gripe about PPC webspy is.<<

    And you are anonymous…bet I know what your IP address is. 🙂

    To start…PPC Web Spy adds fake organic links to the top of the search results linking to garbage Clickbank ebook & software offers.

    The product comes from Brad Callen, which means that it is no secret that it is designed to “prey upon those with little knowledge.”

    An SEM Rush subscription is so cheap that there really is no reason for a good marketer to pollute their own search results with junk Clickbank affiliate offers.

    After all, if the offers had any merit or value, then maybe Google would have ranked them rather than having Brad Callen inject that garbage into the search results.

    Brad recently apologized to me via email for some of his past shady dealings, but then when I checked out his newest product I see he hasn’t changed a bit. And he still has that crappy LinkMetro link farm up even though he knows it delivers at best limited value…yet again proving his stuff is designed to “prey upon those with little knowledge.” I think that kid will never change his ways.

  • Dan London

    Spot on analysis Aaron.

    and 50 keywords for $97? absurd.

  • berto


    Maybe you could revise the article to not promote the software that allegedly has fraudulent intentions until it’s been thoroughly investigated.

  • Ann Smarty

    I have removed the link but kept the review. Sorry, guys!

  • ralph chu

    @they get the data by using a bot to type millions of keywords into google everyday and noting down who appears in the ads.

    Even they can get keywords in this way, there is no way to know how much others bid on those keywords. For me the bid data is the most misleading and inaccurate. I will never trust it to design my campaign.

  • U lot clueless

    would be nice if you guys got your facts right about this application… $97 a month? Learn to read people. It’s a ONE TIME FEE!

  • Dave Davis

    Thanks for the mention Ann! Not sure how I feel about our extension being in such poor company though 😉 I guess a link is a link eh?

  • Ann Smarty

    lol.. well, first of all, your link is the only one here (I removed the link from the first one). Secondly, it’s not the first time I’ve mentioned you 😉

  • Dan

    i was directed to this post after i gave a positive review on ppcwebspy.

    if i see that the organic results are polluted as aaron says, I will change my review to mixed, instead of positive.

    to reiterate the positives though… 1. nice inline kw research tool that integrates nicely with google external kw tool 2. nice to have a quick “good karma” link on adwords links 3. nice easy method to preview ads on other kws your competitor is bidding on.

    I’d like to see screenshots, urls supporting the negative claims aaron makes re: bogus organic links, ok?

  • Dan

    I have investigated this issue re: ppc web spy… my post gives a detailed report, but re: the spam ware claim… yes, the default setting shows affiliate sponsored links in the 1st and sometimes 2cnd organic listings, however, in the options setting of the addon, you may deselect “show ads” and this will then prevent this from happening. Imo, this is therefore NOT spam ware, just as Google Adwords is not spam ware, just because it defaults the settings to benefit adwords.

    If only for the “good karma” option, I would recommend this addon, esp if you are a heavy adwords user, and like to click on competitor ads.