SEJ Wrap-Up: 10 Common SEO Mistakes: Are You Making Them? Also, How to Make SEO + UX Work Together

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Meg Cabrera
Meg Cabrera SEJ STAFF
SEJ Wrap-Up: 10 Common SEO Mistakes: Are You Making Them? Also, How to Make SEO + UX Work Together

This is the wrap-up of the most popular posts and announcements on SEJ over the previous week. Newsletter subscribers are the first to receive this and other updates.

Making SEO and User Experience Work Together

UX and SEO collide

An SEO should have an understanding of many of the basic website user experience (UX) principles. UX optimization is nothing more than focusing on the visitor.

Everything we do in the sphere of web marketing has to have the visitor in mind. Yes, we do certain things for search engines, but search engines (almost always) require those things because they have learned it’s what their users (searchers) want.

In this week’s top post, Stoney G deGeyter presents a detailed guide on how to strike an ideal balance between UX and SEO. Read the full post here.

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10 Most Common SEO Mistakes That E-Commerce Sellers Make

seo mistakes

E-commerce continues to grow in popularity around the world, as 44% of online shoppers start their buying process with a search engine.And as such an important purchase channel, you would think e-commerce businesses are ensuring SEO is their most effective digital marketing tool – but that’s often not the case.

SEO is the fifth most effective digital marketing tool for e-commerce acquisition and retention. Social media, email marketing, and other avenues are more effective all around.

“So what’s with the disconnect?”, asks contributor Andrew Raso. Here are ten common SEO mistakes that might explain why SEO doesn’t always work for well for your e-commerce business.

Thinking Outside of the Text Box: 6 Ways To Increase the Life of Your Content

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Here is a rundown of the most popular posts on SEJ from last week:

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  2. 10 Common SEO Mistakes E-Commerce Sellers Make, by Andrew Raso
  3. 5 Ways to Make Facebook Users Share Your Content, by Danny Goodwin
  4. Facebook Ad Targeting Cheat Sheet, by Danny Goodwin
  5. Twitter Announces Searchable Stickers, Are They The New Hashtag?, by Danielle Antosz
  6. Proper Local SEO Citation Building Helps Users, by Pratik Dholakiya
  7. 30% of Search Results are Now HTTPS, According to Moz Study, by Matt Southern
  8. Optimizing for Voice Search With Siri, Google Now, and Cortana, by Aleh Barysevich
  9. Add Multiple Locations to Your Trip on Google Maps on Mobile, by Matt Southern
  10. Twitter Launches App to Get SMBs Tweeting More, by Danny Goodwin

Ask an SEO

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In this week’s episode of Marketing Nerds, Brent Csutoras is joined by Marcus Tandler, one of the most accomplished SEOs in the industry, and also the co-founder of, a leading Technical SEO Tool. They talk about how Marcus got into SEO, share some funny stories, and then dive into what TF*IDF is, how to use it and why it is so important in SEO today.
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