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Raven Tools: Keyword and Competitor Research with SEM Rush

Raven Tools: Keyword and Competitor Research with SEM Rush

Previously I have shared why it is so handy when one SEO toolset combines several powerful services and utilities allowing you to run solid SEO research from one dashboard.

Raven toolset has Wordtracker and Google Adwords keyword tools integrated. But that is not it. Another powerful keyword and competitor research tool you can use from Raven tools is SEMRush.

Let’s see how it works:

Find related keywords:

For any given keyword, the tool will generate an extensive report on related terms compiled in a table with 5 additional columns:

  1. Number of Google results for that keyword;
  2. Average cost per click for each keyword;
  3. Current search volume (for the previous month);
  4. Average monthly search volume;
  5. SERPs tracker (this column allows to add each keyword to SERP tracker):
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You can export the list to CSV file or add the selected words to SERP tracker.

SEM rush: related keywords

Research any domain Google rankings

For any given domain the tool will generate the report of its most powerful organic rankings in Google. The table of the results contains:

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  • The keyword itself;
  • The position in Google where the domain appears for that keyword;
  • Percentage of traffic this keyword position brings to the domain;
  • Number of Google results for that keyword;
  • Average cost per click for each keyword;
  • Current search volume (for the previous month);
  • The exact URL that appears in SERPs;
  • The ability to add each word to SERP tracker:

Sem rush: doain rankings

Identify your organic search competitors

For any given domain, the tool generates the list of closest competitors as well some related stats. The most useful metrics here are:

  • Common keywords (words where both the your site and your competitor’s site have high rankings in Google);
  • Position quality (which shows who drives the traffic better. If the index is less than 100, it means that the competitor attracts more traffic than the analyzed site.

SEM rush: cometitive research


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