Raven Tools: Analyze On-Page Keywords with Keyword Analyzer

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Raven Tools: Analyze On-Page Keywords with Keyword Analyzer

Previously, I have already shared some tools that can extract key words and phrases from a web page and analyze its prominence.

Raven tools have a somewhat improved version of such a utility that can analyze the page copy, identify most prominent phrases, analyze how relevant they are to the page content and define the type of each one.

Let’s briefly see it in action:

1. Provide the full URL of a web page you want to analyze.
2. The tool will run an analysis and return the list of most “relevant” phrases.

The table of results contains:

  • A word or a phrase;
  • The term type represented as an icon (there are five types: keywords, people, locations, companies and “other”)
  • “Relevance” grade (How “relevant” it is to the page content) – this is a march smarter concept than traditional keyword density:

Keyword analyzer

What you can do next:

  • Filter rows by type:Keyword analyzer: filter
  • Add selected rows to the SERP tracker or export the selected rows to a CSV file:
    Keyword analyze: add to SERP tracker
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