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SEJ Live: Mindy Weinstein on Engaging Content for “Boring” Industries

SEJ Live: Mindy Weinstein on Engaging Content for “Boring” Industries

We’ve got double the fun this week with a second SEJ Live session! Mindy Weinstein joined #SEJLive, giving tips and tricks on creating engaging content for those less-than-exciting industries. Mindy also shared tools and techniques to get inspired and start creating exciting content for your uninteresting industry. Below is her live session and the topics she covered.

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Mindy Weinstein, Market MindShift

Mindy answered questions from the SEJ community on creating engaging content for “boring” industries. She appeared LIVE on our Facebook page:

Questions Mindy Answered About Engaging Content for “Boring” Industries on Facebook Live:

  • What is the ideal thought process to come up with content for not too exciting industries?
  • How do you convert boring to exciting when it comes to topics?
  • How do you engage with those who aren’t interested yet but can potentially be your customers?
  • What tools and techniques would you recommend?
  • Do you have any examples of companies or brands that have successfully advertised their products?
  • How important is humor when writing content for boring industries?
  • What are your favorite tools to get inspired?
  • What do you say to someone who says you can’t write content for boring industries?
  • What is a standout case study or company that’s created amazing content marketing for a boring industry?
  • How would you tackle a boring industry like a funeral home?
  • How do you diversify content if most consumer queries are how NOT to use your product (i.e. insurance, where lots of engaging content is about avoiding having to use it)?

Tools Mindy Mentioned on Her Facebook Live Session:

To learn more from Mindy, check out this Marketing Nerds episode, where she talks about the changing landscape of search:

Catch Mindy as one of our speakers at the SEJ Summit 2017 in Chicago! She’ll be taking us through case studies of creating compelling content for challenging verticals. Register now to reserve your slot and come join us. We’re excited to see you!

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SEJ Live: Mindy Weinstein on Engaging Content for “Boring” Industries

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