Search & Social Awards Winners Announced!

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Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please?! Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? Oh… wait. Wrong audience. Sorry.

The Search & Social awards results are now in! If you were entered in any of these categories, check to see if you made it into the top 3. We had A LOT of close calls with the results but I think many of you will be pleased 🙂 So take a looksie.

*ps: all results are out of 5, except for the ones in a percentage.

*pps: I KNOW you are all (secretly) wondering who the sexiest man in social media is. If you want to skip everything and go directly to those results, it’s under number 10.


1. Best SEO Blog

  1. SEOmoz – 3.79 average
  2. Search Engine Land – 3.59 average
  3. SEO Book – 3.46 average

2. Search News Blog

  1. Search Engine Land 3.77
  2. Search Engine Journal 3.61
  3. Marketing Pilgrim 3.52

3. Favorite SEO tools suite

  1. SEOmoz Tools 3.73
  2. Raven SEO Tools 3.49
  3. SEO Book Tools 3.47

4. Best PPC Blog

  1. PPC Hero 3.26
  2. CLIX Marketing Blog 3.10
  3. Click Equations Blog 2.87

5. Best Analytics Blog

  1. Occam’s Razor w/ Avinash Kaushik 3.95
  2. Google Analytics Blog 3.13
  3. Web Analytics Demystified 3.06

6. Best Link Building Blog

  1. Debra Mastaler’s Link Spiel 3.52
  2. Wiep 3.40
  3. LinkBuildr 2.96

7. Best Hair in SEO or Social Media

  1. Chris Brogan 40.2%
  2. Chris Winfield 33.6%
  3. Jordan Kasteler 26.2%

I am partial to mohawks so I sadly cannot agree with this outcome. I am slightly jealous of Chris Brogan’s hair though, I must admit.

8. Best Social Media Optimization Blog

  1. Chris Brogan 3.60
  2. Techipedia 3.48
  3. Top Rank Blog 3.33

Chris Brogan again! Nice hair will take you far in the internet industry. Again- Jeaaaaaaaaaalous!

9. Best Local Search Blog

  1. David Mihm 3.77
  2. Blumenthals 3.32
  3. Small Business SEM 3.28

10. Sexiest Man in Social Media

  1. Pete Cashmore 53.7%
  2. Dave Snyder 46.3%

… this one was a close call. I think some girls in the office might be happy with the winner of this category. bwahahahaha. Dave is still a winner in our office! 🙂

11. Best Affiliate Marketing Blog

  1. AM Navigator 3.15
  2. 5 star blog 3.07
  3. Revenews 3.03

12. Best Conversion Rate Optimization Blog

  1. Get Elastic 3.54
  2. ROI Revolution 3.49
  3. GrokDotCom 3.35

13. Best Blogger’s Resource & Guide Blog

  1. ProBlogger 3.63
  2. Kikolani 3.43
  3. Daily Blog Tips 3.17

14. Best Copywriting Blog of 2010

  1. CopyBlogger 4.08
  2. Marketing Words 2.83
  3. Copywriting Blog 2.81

15. Best Webmaster Resource Interface by a Search Engine

  1. Google Webmaster Tools 4.01
  2. Yahoo SiteExplorer 3.25
  3. Bing Webmaster Center 2.94

16. Best Social Media & Networking News Blog

  1. Mashable 3.74
  2. Techipedia 3.61
  3. Read Write Web 3.52

17. Best Facebook Resource Blog

  1. AllFacebook 3.25
  2. InsideFacebook 3.21
  3. Facebook Fails 3.13

18. Best Twitter Marketing Blog

  1. Twitip 3.31
  2. Everything Twitter 2.80
  3. Oneforty 2.73

19. Best Online Reputation Management Blog

  1. Outspoken Media 3.68
  2. Personal Branding Blog 3.25
  3. Online Reputation Edge 2.91

20. Best Industry Infographic of 2009-2010

  1. Value Of SEO vs PPC 3.44
  2. The Journey Of A Tweet 3.06
  3. Visualizing 6 Years of FB 3.02

21. *BONUS* Best Search Engine Marketing Community / Forum

  1. SEOmoz 3.65
  2. Webmaster World 3.64
  3. SEO Book 3.52

So there you have it! The results of our Search & Social awards. We would like to thank everybody who was competing in the contest for having amazing websites/blogs/hair and/or being sexy. This was close for everybody and it’s nice to know there are some ongoing great resources out there to help educate and teach.

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  • Jordan Kasteler is in 3rd place for best hair? This is sacrilege!

  • I KNOW right?

    • Prem

      No award for someone” really really really good looking ” good to see im on the right track with my tools thou =)

  • Few gems on here to add to my google reader account.

  • Wow very nice presentation of “The Search & Social awards results.” When I started reading the post I was a bit confused about the post. but seriously in such a small post you had done very good job. I must congrats all those also how are winner here.

  • jimrudnick

    Will the results actually be “'posted” on your own site? I did take a quick look/see and note that there is NO mention at all?



  • RSP

    Where is BHW and why isn't there a Sexiest WOMAN in Social Media section :))

  • Thanks for the update – I SEJ the best !

  • I am wondering the same thing. Next time!

  • Thanks for having me in the awards!

  • Chris Brogan gets Best Hair in Social Media! Poor old Seth never had a chance…

  • Congrats to Kristi for winning her blog.

  • Thanks for the update…
    That's a good tools for SEO

  • Congrats for all winners. I am regularly reading the Mashable website.

  • So there you have it! The results of our Search & Social awards. We would like to thank everybody who was competing in the contest for having amazing websites/blogs/hair and/or being sexy