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Search Multiple Search Engines With TurboScout

Search Multiple Search Engines With TurboScout

If you’re looking for a way to compare search results from multiple search engines for web, blogs, images, audio, and video search – give TurboScout a try. TurboScout is a new search tool that helps Internet users to access and compare original results from over 90 search engines across 7 categories on a single web page, removing the hassle of retyping keywords into different search engines.

Comparing results from different search engines like Google (which seems to be set to TurboScout’s AdSense Websearch account – a safe way to earn revenue), Yahoo, MSN Search, and Ask Jeeves is a common practice for many users and recently different browser add-ons and tools have offered such multi-step comparisons. However, TurboScout is much easier to use than most of the toolbars I’ve encountered and best of all – TurboScout is web based, meaning you do not have to download anything to your computer to use the multiple search engine comparison functions.

“That’s where comes in handy” says William Chee, founder of “Grown out of the frustration of typing and retyping keywords into different search engines, I decided to create an online search tool to get rid of these hassles and make such searching 20 times faster.”

“Users who visit only need to enter keywords once, and getting original results from different search engines is as simple as clicking the engine’s name. No more retyping keywords into different search engines.”

Chee also suggests that search engine marketing firms also find an invaluable tool for search engine optimization and finding out the rankings of their clients’ web sites in different engines. This is quite true, I checked it out for a quick look at a clients’ paid search placements and competitive rankings. Using TurboScout did save me some time and led me to some smaller engines which I would sometimes ignore.

Plus, TurboScout also proved to be an excellent tool for finding and comparing image and video results, two search functions which the big engines are battling over. One suggestion we have for TurboScout is to upgrade with the addition of MSN Image Search, Yahoo Video Search for videos and Blog Search Engine for blogs and cell phone images.

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Search Multiple Search Engines With TurboScout

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