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Search Engine T-Shirt Contest Judging Underway

Search Engine T-Shirt Contest Judging Underway

Now that SES NY is done and overwith, the search engine community will be returning to their hometowns and offices; deleting emails, returning phone calls, checking up on blog feeds, or enjoying the weekend and putting all of that off until Monday.

The end of Search Engine Strategies New York also brings the beginning of the judging of the Search Engine T-Shirt themes submitted to Search Engine Journal. We received over 100 theme ideas and I have enlisted a Who’s Who of the web publishing and search engine world to join me as judges.

Before getting to the judge list I would like to take the time to thank our sponsors:

I am happy to announce that Spreadshirt has agreed to sponsor the contest. Spreadshirt offers a wide selection of products which web publishers and bloggers can upload their graphics to and sell on your sites. Shirts are available in multiple colors and cuts including Ringer T’s, V-Neck, and XXXL Shirts. Spreadshirt also offers a wide selection of brandable women’s wear, work out clothes, caps and desk accessories.

Spreadshirt is even helping to help us offer more prizes and open the competition to more winners. With the help of Spreadshirt, we will now be announcing 10 Winners of the Search Engine T-Shirt Competition.

Additionally, Barry Schwartz’s company RustyBrick will be producing the final t-shirt graphics designs which we will be trafficking over to Spreadshirt for printing and distribution.

A big thank you to RustyBrick and Spreadshirt for making this competition a reality!

Ok, and here come the judges:

* Jennifer Laylock : Jennifer is the Editor of Search Engine Guide and has recently started a new blog & t-shirt powered experiment called The Lactivist which is targeted to the niche market of new mothers who are breast feeding. While launching The Lactivist Jennifer kept daily record of her testing of Cafepress, AdSense, and Chitika revenue generating services.

* John Scott : Unlike Jennifer, John does not lactate much, but he did get the creative juices of the SEO flowing with the v7ndotcom Elursrebmem Contest which is offering $4,000 to the site which ranks #1 for the “v7ndotcom elursrebmem” term in Google. John runs the v7n Forums and also has been making waves with the Internet Marketing Blog’s $10,000 Blog Challenge.

* Lee Odden : Lee is one of the most well received voices in search marketing. Unlike some of the modern tech geek SEO crew popping up left and right, Lee is a bit old school with a background in public relations.

On top of running Top Rank Results and the Misukanis & Odden PR Firm, Lee also is an avid blogger with the Top Rank Blog (Online Marketing Blog) and Rick Bruner’s Business Blog Consulting. Of course, in the Public Relations 2.0 world, all of these services are a core foundation for any business looking for a complete marketing mix.

* Andy Hagans : Andy has his finger in just about every search marketing & blogging pie as Strategist at Text Link Ads, owner of Biz Niche Media, involved in Performancing and Dotmarketer, along with running his own Link Building Business.

Like me, Andy is obsessed with Link Baiting, and unlike me he’s recently hired a personal trainer to get him into shape for all of the conferencing appearences on his agenda. Andy has also promised, like all of the other judges, not to vote for himself or workmates in this competition.

* Darren Rowse : Over the past year Darren has become the voice of Problogging with his blog resource which covers everything from blog monetization to picking tomatoes in the garden. Darren is an avid digital photographer, which is what orginally got him into professional blogging with the Digital Photography Blog.

With three years of professional blogging under his belt and a knack for being one of the few major links between affiliate programs and bloggers (he literally singlehandedly introduced Chitika eMinimalls to the web publising world) , Darren’s feed has been on my breakfast table between the Cafe Pilao and the little chocolate donuts. Along with Duncan Riley and Jeremy Wright, Darren is also a co-owner of the b5media Blog Network.

* The Incredible Hulk :

I’m quite proud to announce that The Incredible Hulk has signed on to be our celebrity judge for the t-shirt competition. We had a hard time convincing the Hulk to be a judge, but after he found out that Spreadshirt offers XXXL size and not only Puny Human sizes, such as XXL, Hulk was happy to lend his t-shirt ripping expertise (plus we had to agree not to let Puny Human Dr. Bruce Banner judge).

From The Hulk on being a T-Shirt Judge:

Hulk say XXXL size still not big enough for Hulk – BAH!
But Hulk happy to help Puny Human Loren judge Search Engine T-Shirt contest.
Hulk think it will be SMASHING good time.

* Aaron Wall : Aaron Wall is one of the most vocal search engine marketers in the business and he has channeled his thoughts and expertise into his widely popular blog/book/eBook, SEObook.

I’ve been in contact with Aaron over the years and his knowledge and feedback on SEM projects, blogging and life have been well absorbed. Besides SEOBook, Aaron also helms Threadwatch and conducts lots of chocked full of know-how interviews at

* Kim Krause Berg : Kim is self confessed blabber and one of the Internet’s top experts on Usability and is the backbone behind Cre8asite Forums (well, along with Bragdachio) and Cre8asite Forums have elevated from a small &select yet incredibly informative destination into one of the more popular and trusted web design, SEO, and marketing forums online (while keeping its reputation as a go to source for useful information and help – because of the determination and selflessness of Kim and her band of trusted moderators).

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Search Engine T-Shirt Contest Judging Underway

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