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Search Engine T-Shirt Competition

Search Engine T-Shirt Competition

I’ve always been quite impressed with the t-shirts that Philipp Lessen has for sale from Google Blogoscoped and would like to expand on the availability of Search Engine related t-shirts (Philipp’s are more tech and blog related but very very cool). Search Engine Journal has had t-shirts on our todo list for the past year and I’m going to take a chance and through this request out to our readers.

We’re having a little competition where readers can submit slogans or t-shirt ideas for our 2006 t-shirts at SEJ. All you have to do is write your idea in the comment box below and on March 1st I’ll announce the winning t-shirts that we’ll offer for a limited time on the Search Engine Journal.

Of course, those who come up with the slogans, logos, and winning t-shirt ideas will receive a free limited edition t-shirt from Search Engine Journal.

Again, we’re not specifically looking for t-shirts about SEJ. Instead Google, Yahoo, MSN, SEO, Search Marketing, Rank, Linking and other themes relevant to the search industry.

Oh yes, if you win we’ll also link to you – So get posting your ideas below!


I am happy to announce that Spreadshirt has agreed to sponsor the contest. Spreadshirt offers a wide selection of products which web publishers and bloggers can upload their graphics to and sell on your sites. Shirts are available in multiple colors and cuts including Ringer T’s, V-Neck, and XXXL Shirts. Spreadshirt also offers a wide selection of brandable women’s wear, work out clothes, caps and desk accessories.

Spreadshirt is even helping to help us offer more prizes and open the competition to more winners. With the help of Spreadshirt, we will now be announcing 10 Winners of the Search Engine T-Shirt Competition.

Additionally, Barry Schwartz’s company RustyBrick will be producing the final t-shirt graphics designs which we will be trafficking over to Spreadshirt for printing and distribution.

A big thank you to RustyBrick and Spreadshirt for making this competition a reality!

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Search Engine T-Shirt Competition

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