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Search Engine T-Shirt Competition Update

Search Engine T-Shirt Competition Update

Search Engine T-Shirt Competition Update

Search Engine Journal is very happy to announce that we have secured a sponsor for our Search Engine T-Shirt Competition and will be announcing that sponsor this upcoming week. The sponsor is a premium t-shirt printing and design company which will assist with the manufacturing and distribution of the winning Search Engine T-Shirt designs.

It’s going to be quite difficult picking the winners of the contest, with 50 total entries to date. There is still plenty of time to enter the Search Engine T-Shirt Competition as the contest will be open until February 25th and then we’ll be announcing the winners on March 1st.

What started out as a simple idea has now blossomed into what looks to be a very fun day of picking through t-shirt slogans and designs for the shirts.

Winners will receive a free t-shirt (and possibly other items) from the Search Engine Journal and a profile of their business and shirt idea on this site.

With the new sponsor we’ll more than likely be able to announce more than the originally planned 3 or 4 winners and ideally I’d like to boost the number of winners up to 10, which gives you a much higher chance of winning! More news on that to come.


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