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Search Engine Roundtable Forums Open

Search Engine Roundtable Forums Open

Today is a big day for search engine forums as not only has Cre8asite Forums gone under an Extreme Makeover, but Search Engine Roundtable has also launched its own forums. Barry Schwartz, the head knight of the Roundtable (couldn’t help myself) and well respected forum moderator at Cre8asite, Webmaster World & SEW Forums says that the Search Engine Roundtable Forums were born out of necessity as Barry’s intentions were to keep Search Engine Roundtable as an unbiased search forum highlight and discussion blog. “We cover forum topics, and for us to have our own forum would put us in a situation where we can not report without bias.

However, some recent conflicts of interest between members of SEOChat and their current DeveloperShed owners has led to an exodus from SEOChat to other forums, and Barry wants to offer the SEO crew a comfortable destination to call home.

As many of you know, SEO Chat has shown a public display of what really goes on behind the scenes. I have been with SEO Chat before Developer Shed has joined. Since then, I, as many other mods and members, have not seen eye to eye with DevShed’s practices. I will not get into the specifics, but I have just resigned from SEO Chat as a moderator. The problem is, the SEO Chat members, I don’t want to leave them without giving them options. Many have fled already to Cre8asite Forums or DigitalPoint forums. But many do not know where to go, or do not feel comfortable at those forums.

That is the reason I have started our own forums at

I have brought over many of the current and ex-moderators at SEO Chat. Including the forum’s super moderators; Phoenix and Randfish. Also our forum’s moderators; dazzlindonna, pk_synths, and sufyaaan. And guess what, we even signed on Darrin Ward, the founder of SEO Chat, to be a moderator at our forums! Not only that, DevShed’s forum technical administrator, md_doc, has joined my company over a year ago and he will be running the technical components of the forums. So let me tell you, this forum will be very SEO Chat member friendly and we welcome you to join us.

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Search Engine Roundtable Forums Open

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