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Cre8asite Forums : Redesign, Feedback & Financial Support

Cre8asite Forums : Redesign, Feedback & Financial Support

Cre8asite Forums, the usability and SEO community governed by Kim Kraus Berg, Bill Slawski, Barry Welford, Barry Schwartz and Rand Fishkin (to name a few), has just gone through a major design and forum change (even more major than the Search Engine Journal redesign!). They have cleaned up the forum a bit with their new “blog-esque” design and have also switched over to a new forum software.

On the new Cre8asite Forums homepage, Kim explains :

Our forums have been switched to Invision software, and reside on a new (fast!) server. We have a new homepage, which leads into industry-related, supportive content such as articles and interviews. We’re moving to a revenue-based model that will permit us to financially support our growth.

Revenue based model and financially supported growth? Sounds exciting. I’d hate to see Cre8asite bow down to the pressures of adding contextual advertising or graphic display ads to their forums. Not that contextual ads are bad, heck I love them and they help to financially support the Search Engine Journal, my family, and our future projects. However, back to Cre8asite, some select and limited advertising may be welcome by the forum members.

On the other hand, as a long term but minimal posting Cre8asite member (this is one forum I highly enjoy reading, and which I do admit I should contribute more to), I personally would not oppose a member’s only forum paid subscription forum OR having to subscribe to the entire forum after a trial membership time period. Seriously, the valuable feedback and responses by Kim, Bill, the Barry duo, and Co. are worth every cent it would take for a paid membership. I’m quite sure that the Cre8asite folks have something up their collaborative sleeves which will benefit the forums both financially and aesthetically.

In the meantime, Cre8asite is looking for feedback on the new forums redesign at this thread: The New Forums – Getting Used to Them.

NOTE : Not sure how long this will last and the Cre8 team may whack me across the knuckles with a ruler about this, but I’ve noticed that the sig file links are now organic and not using a redirect script anymore.

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Cre8asite Forums : Redesign, Feedback & Financial Support

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