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Screen Sharing Comes To Snapchat For Web

Learn how to use Snapchat's newest feature for screen sharing on the web interface and iPhone app for digital collaboration.

  • Snapchat has launched a screen sharing feature for its web version.
  • This move marks Snapchat's entry into a market dominated by Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
  • Users can initiate screen sharing during a call by clicking the share button and selecting the desired portion of the screen.
new snapchat screen sharing for web and iphone app

Snapchat, the multimedia messaging platform once known solely for its disappearing messages, has taken another significant leap in its technology offerings with the addition of screen sharing.

The company has rolled out a new feature that allows users to screen share during calls on the web version of its platform.

Up until now, Snapchat’s focus has been on image-based communication and short-form video.

With screen sharing, it seems the platform is looking to broaden its utility, possibly eyeing the market that apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams currently dominate.

Screen Sharing With Snapchat

Screen sharing has been a staple for professional digital communication tools, but now it is available for personal applications on social platforms like Snapchat.

Can Snapchat make a meaningful dent in a market where more established players have a firm footing?

Let’s find out by taking it for a test run.

How To Share Your Screen On Snapchat For Web

To use Snapchat’s new screen sharing feature, users must log into their Snapchat account through the mobile app or the web portal at

Screenshot from Snapchat, September 2023

Once logged in, starting a call with a friend or a group is the next step. Users can then share their screen by clicking the share button at the bottom of the screen next to video and microphone controls.

Screenshot from Snapchat, September 2023

You can share from your computer and view from your phone, enabling a more seamless digital collaboration.

Screenshot from Snapchat, September 2023

While you can share your screen with Snapchat users on the iPhone app, you must be on the web interface to share your screen.

The Latest Developments For Snapchat Users

There may be slight skepticism about its efficacy in a professional setting after the My AI chatbot introduced earlier this year was met with criticism.

On a side note, you cannot test the new screensharing feature with the My AI chatbot. I tried.

This feature, however, could change how casual users engage in digital collaboration, from students completing group projects to families gathering for online events.

It also may allow businesses and marketers to utilize Snapchat in new ways to reach target customers on the popular platform.

Featured image: BongkarnGraphic/Shutterstock


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Screen Sharing Comes To Snapchat For Web

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