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Reddit Now Gets 1.4 Billion Native Video Views Per Month

Reddit released its 2018 Year in Review report which reveals the rapid growth of video content since introducing native uploads last year.

Videos hosted by Reddit now receive 1.4 billion views per month, which equates to 13 million hours of video viewed monthly. That’s a growth of 38% since the beginning of 2018.

Almost 70% of video consumption on Reddit is done on mobile apps, which is double the amount of mobile video views it was receiving at the beginning of the year.

Reddit’s redesign earlier this year is also said to have been a significant driver in the growth of native video content.

The number of videos posted natively to Reddit has surpassed the number of YouTube links shared by users.

Video performance in each community varies by cultures and communication styles, the company explains:

“For example, with 50% of our audience under the age of 34, “snack sized” videos––AKA short, quick-consumption clips––are a trademark of their content consumption patterns.”

Marketers need to start taking note of Reddit as being a rapidly growing platform for video content.

Starting conversations with a video you produced can be an effective way to help your brand stand out in communities (sub-Reddits) that are relevant to your industry.

Here’s a quick list of other year-end stats included in Reddit’s report.

As of November 2018, there were:

  • 153 million posts to Reddit
  • 1.2 billion comments
  • 27 billion votes
  • 330 million monthly active users
  • Nearly 150K active communities
  • 14 billion page views per month

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Reddit Now Gets 1.4 Billion Native Video Views Per Month

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