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Just a couple of weeks ago I’ve done a detailed review of the advanced backlink research toolSEO SpyGlass. The tool has had very positive feedback from our readers which prompted me to check other tools by the same developer.

And to tell you the truth, I’ve been very much impressed by their Rank Tracker tool – this post shares why I actually liked it so much (as always I’d love you to share your experience and thoughts!).

Features I liked a lot:

(!) 560 supported search engines (including various local search engines)

(!) Support of Google Caffeine (great for rankings comparison);

(!) The ability to track rankings on the set dates;

(!) Keyword suggestions (via various advanced tools);

(!) Convenient data organization and visualization.

1. Check Rankings for Multiple Phrases in Hundreds of Search Engines

The process is really easy (I didn’t have to check the tool manual at all). Just add the words you want to track and you are done. The tool will find and remember your rankings (by default) in three main search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

All you need is come back regularly to check your rankings and track the trends (like I said you can also set the auto-tracking by going Preferences > Scheduler).

There are 4 helpful views for you to evaluate your current positions and progress:

1. Main window:

  • All the words you track (within the current project);
  • Current rankings of each of the words in the selected search engines.

Rank tracker: main

Tip 1: Add more search engines to track:

  • Select the words you want to check and click “Check”;
  • Click “Add More SEs”;
  • From the huge list, check search engine you want to monitor:

Rank tracker: add search engines

Tip 2: if you want the table to show more search engines (to track and compare more than 3 main engines), right-click on the table header and add more search engines from “Available columns”:

Rank tracker: columns

Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started:

  • Compare your rankings in Google and Google Caffeine;
  • Compare your rankings in Google and Google UK; etc.

2. Ranking details

Select the word you need more details for and see the following table:

  • All search engines you are tracking;
  • Current rank in each one;
  • Exact URL ranked;
  • Last check date;
  • Ranking difference.

Rank tracker: details

3. Progress graph:

Your ranking changes visualized on a handy graph (change the date range to see the trend over time):

Rank tracker: graph

4. History records:

View the history of all your checks , ranks and URL for check.

Rank tracker: history

2. Generate More Suggestions from Your Current Rankings

Select the phrase you want to expand and choose the tool to do that (Wordtracker, Competition Research, Google Suggest, Yahoo! Search Assist, etc.)

Tip: To better understand each keyword research method, select a method from the drop down menu, and Rank Tracker will show you a detailed description of how each method works.

Rank tracker: keyword tools

Hit “Next” and wait for the tool to generate the list of keyword suggestions. The table of suggested keyword phrases will contain the following data:

  • Key phrase;
  • Number of words in each;
  • Competition;
  • Search volume;
  • KEI (competition versus search volume):

Rank tracker: keyword suggestions

Select the words you want to track and hit “Next” to check rankings and start tracking the selected terms.

Generate Reports:

Once you are done compiling your keyword lists and checking your rankings, feel free to generate a report consisting of a number of useful pivot tables:

  • Your site overall SE visibility (The visibility score is the sum of all visibility points for each keyword based on their rankings and is calculated for a website for the selected search engines and all keywords);
  • Rankings overview (how many words are ranked first, how many terms moved up or down, etc);
  • Search engines overview (which search engines appear to like your site more);
  • Top 10 best ranked keywords;
  • Top 10 most efficient keywords

Rank tracker - report

You can also customize your reports look and feel as well as create your own report templates.

Safety Features:

The tool offers quite a few ways to make sure your rankings are “unbiased” (e.g. no territorial customization) as well as to keep you safe from any kind of a ban from a search engine (especially useful for running huge projects that require to send frequent and numerous queries):

  • Configure proxy settings (and proxy rotation);
  • Configure search safety settings (by setting human emulation and user agents’ rotations);
  • Use search engines API keys (These keys make sure you never violate search engines’ policies, but also limit the number of searches you can perform using these search engines.)


$99, 75 (with free demo version available).

Our verdict

Rank Tracker is one of the most comprehensive and usable rank tracking and monitoring utilities I’ve ever come across.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

Brand amd Community Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing,... Read Full Bio
Ann Smarty
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  • Stephen

    To tell you the truth, I couldn’t care less if it tracked 560,000 search engines. I’m only really concerned with about 3 (although local/geographic searches are sometimes a bit useful).

    I’d like to see a tool that allowed you to organize keyword lists into categories so I could see how different product groups were doing and have the information in one report.

    That reminds me: what formats can you produce a report in with Rank Tracker? Can you customize the report so that it uses your branding instead of the product branding?

    • Ann Smarty

      You can customize the reports in both the ways: branding and data sets to sum up. The report can be saved in HTML.

      • Bonnie Burns

        Thanks for the feedback. I’ll certainly look into that as well. The safety features for Rank Tracker do stated: Use search engines API keys. But I know the API for Google has been stopped and no longer viable and they have offered no replacement.

        I know that WebPosition Goldshad major issues and as of today you can run Google but without API you run a risk. Google stated: Google does not recommend the use of products such as WebPosition Gold™ that send automatic or programmatic queries to Google.”

        Interesting times for sure 🙂 As always, I enjoy your articles and posts. keep them coming!!!!

  • Bonnie Burns

    Interesting…my only question is how does it ping Google for rankings without the concern of Google blockage. Google hates its engine being pinged and stopped the API that did allow you to search rankings. So…is it violating Google bylaws by pinging for rankings..??? If someone uses this software to search Google placements will it cause backlash to their IP…meaning no Google search allowed? Just asking….:-)

    • Ann Smarty

      Good point, Bonnie. That’s a question to ask when speaking about any Rank Checking tool. I am sure the safety features I mentioned at the end work well to settle the issue.

      • John S. Britsios (Webnauts)

        Ann I donwloaded two days ago. I liked the features, especially the keywords research. But they had issues with being blocked from Google. The time between the requests was to less, so I was getting blocked.

  • Coopers Sports Picks

    “Interesting…my only question is how does it ping Google for rankings without the concern of Google blockage.” To answer your question, it has settings for human emulation with delays etc.. you can set it up so you fill the captchas when neccessary or….

  • MikevanderHeijden

    Hi Ann,

    Does the tool allow you to export the data in excel, and in a workable grid, not just a data dump of all the data it extracted?



  • Richard Gilmore

    Answering some of the concerns expressed in the comments here

    1. Google does have a working API key (Ajax API). The results you get with an IP differ slightly from the ones you get when doing an actual search due to a time lag, but the trends are valid, and there’re certain limitations to the number of queries you can make through an IP.

    2. There’s nothing scary about a Google block. Google blocks sometimes do happen even if you’re searching manually – it’s no big deal.

    It’s temporary and there’s no backlash following it. This will in no way harm
    your rankings or your good standing. Google simply stops rendering your queries for a short period (usually a couple of hours max) and the service is resumed. In most cases you’ll just get a captcha which you can type in right in Rank Tracker and go on checking your rankings.

    As Ann has already mentioned, Rank Tracker has advanced search safety features that help you prevent Google blocks. If you use proxy rotation there’s a 100% guarantee that you won’t get blocked as long as the proxy you use are working. It may take more time to check your rankings though, but you’re two feet on safe side.

  • David Osborne

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  • SEO Article Dir


    You can export the reports into a .html, .csv, .txt, & .xml

    Until you purchase the product, don’t expect to export anything beyond the first five keywords.