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Quickly Find out Which SERPS Page You Are Ranked

I love those tiny, less-known scripts that are fun to play with. Last time I shared one that highlights your domain within Google SERPs and here’s another script which makes a good company to that highlighting one: a Greasemoneky script that shows which page of Google search results your site is at.

The script takes you exactly to the page where your domain is, so you won’t have to click-through yourself. Here’s how it works:

  • Make sure you have Greasemonkey plugin installed and download the script;
  • Go to Google, provide your search term and hit “Search”,
  • Notice one more field and type your domain there,
  • Hit “Go”, sit back and wait for the tool to list through the pages until it finds you.

Which page am I on?

By default, the tool stops at page 30 if your domain is not found. To search deeper, you can edit the script:

  • Select Tools -> Greasemonkey -> Manage user scripts;
  • Choose “Which page am I on? ” in the left-hand panel;
  • Click “Edit”. This should open the installed version of the script in your favorite text editor. (If it doesn’t, choose any text editor to open the script);
  • Find this line and change “30” to whatever you want:

var lastPage = 30

Edit script

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Quickly Find out Which SERPS Page You Are Ranked

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