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How to Highlight Your Site Listing in Google SERPs

Do you feel inspired each time you see your site within Google SERPs as you search? I bet you are! Here’s a quick tip on how to easier highlight your domain within Google results page whenever you search (by

1. Install the Greasemonkey script (You will need to install Greasemonkey before that);

2. Make sure it works: search for anything in Google and make sure all Google results are highlighted in red;

3. Edit the userscript to specify your domain name; for that:

  • Select Tools -> Greasemonkey -> Manage user scripts;
  • Choose “Locate domain in search results” in the left-hand pane;
  • Click “Edit”. This should open the installed version of the script in your favorite text editor. (If it doesn’t, choose any text editor to open the script);

Locate domain script - edit

  • Add your domain name

Locate domain script - edit

Note: you can also edit the color to highlight the listing.

Important update: thanks to Alex Hall, the script now allows to highlight multiple domains.

  • You are done! You will now see your domain each time it pops up within Google SERPs:

Locate domain script - result

Known bugs: URLs that have the domain name in them, but are not the primary domain of the site are also highlighted.

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How to Highlight Your Site Listing in Google SERPs

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