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10+ Tips For a Pubcon Vegas Newbie

On Tuesday I will be flying out to Las Vegas for my very first Pubcon! Sounds unbelievable right? Mr. Search Engine Journal has yet to attend a Pubcon over the past 10 years or so, but it’s true.

After cutting my teeth on SES, SMX & IM Spring Break, it’s now time for the big show. Vegas baby, VEGAS!

My flight leaves Tuesday morning and I’ll be in town and checked in around 11 am in the Treasure Island Casino with the rest of the Search & Social crew including @davesnyder (my Pubcon roomie), @jordankasteler , @ryansammy (Social Media Analyst) and @scottpolk (our Director of Operations / Biz Dev guy).

Dave gets in on Monday and I’m hopeful that our room will still be tidy, and not demolished by the Most Dangerous Man on the Internet.

With a kid on the way I seriously doubt I’ll be hitting the tables or the booze (like the 3 day bachelor party I went to in Vegas this summer), so it looks like the main emphasis of this trip will be on business, building partnerships, educating people about SEJ Tools and speaking on a couple of panels.

So, being this is my first Pubcon and I’ve been spending Sunday packing, getting ready and watching the Ravens lose, I thought that it would be a good idea to ask some Twitter friends for some tips on surviving Pubcon Vegas 2009, and here they are :

1. Remember afternoon naps, aspirin, jacket (Vegas gets cold at night), & mobile Twitter to get the latest #pubcon party updates

2. Find a “soft spot” in sessions to steal a nap. Good if it borders a lunch for maximum nappability.

3. Bring small multi-outlet power cord. Speaker/media room is woefully low on outlets.

4. #pubcon tip: day 1 go to the ABC Store in fashion show mall (walkable from TI) & get a case of water for your room.

5. Bring lots of $5 and $10 to split costs of cabs to & from Convention Center. [and $1’s work well too!]

6. Try to increase alcohol tolerance now if you drink, and pack Advil; you’ll need it. [I did this before my trip to Russia and it worked well]

7. Take lots of Vitamin C before the conference and during as you’ll probably be exposed to lots of people during cold season.

8. Wear a diaper to cut back on crowded trips to the bathroom between sessions and stay away from @pamela_lund

9. If you see someone from Search & Social, introduce yourself, trade business cards (ours are insanely awesome) and ask us about our BIG NEW PROJECT!

10. Party like a ROCKSTAR!

Thanks to @pamela_lund @blafrance @andybeal @danperry for the feedback.

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10+ Tips For a Pubcon Vegas Newbie

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