Raven Tools: Enhanced Keyword Research via Wordtracker

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In the last week’s post I shared how you can do keyword research using Google Adwords tool right within your Raven tools dashboard. I also shared why it is actually so helpful to have third-party keyword research tool integrated within the advanced toolkit. This way you can manage your lists more efficiently and easier add keywords to the tracker to monitor your rankings;

Here’s some great news: besides Google Adwords tool, you can also use Wordtracker within your Raven tools dashboard to have a broader choice of key phrases to analyze and choose from.

To access Wordtracker search, you should hover over “Research” tab and choose WORDTRACKER. The process is quite easy:

  1. Enter the keywords you want to research: one phrase per line;
  2. Choose the match type:
    1. The Related match returns related keyword matches based on popularity.
    2. The Embedded match returns embedded keyword matches based on popularity.
    3. And the Exact match returns exact keyword matches based on popularity.

Wordtracker - Raven tools

The results page provides keywords that match your query:

  • The phrase based on the base term you provided;
  • The search volumes for each keyword (per Wordtracker).

Wordtracker results

Now you can add keywords in the SERPs tracker:

  • Add words to the SERPs tracker one by one by clicking “Add” in the last column;
  • Add words to the tracker in bulk by checking boxes to select each them and then selecting “Track keywords in SERP Tracker” in the drop down;
  • Export selected rows to CSV by checking boxes to select each of them and then selecting “Export keywords to CSV file”

Wordtracker results track

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