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Podcasting as a Business Content Marketing Strategy

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Podcasting as a Business Content Marketing Strategy

Every day we hear more experts preaching the gospel of podcasting as a content marketing tool. It’s a very enticing sermon. We get to have our own cute little pre-recorded radio show our audience can listen to when they’re working out or driving in the car.

But how is a podcast supposed to help grow our business?

In theory, podcasts create brand fanatics, people who are deeply invested in who we are as people and as business professionals. This is essence of long-form content marketing.

Every minute that a customer or prospect listens to us speak with authority we’re establishing ourselves as a thought-leader. Conceptually the more time our audience spends with our content the more authority we have as content marketers.

According to Google Analytics the average visitor to my website stays for two minutes and seven seconds. According to Stitcher {popular alternative to iTunes} the average podcast listener stays for twenty two minutes.

If you believe the concept that the time our audience spends in front of our content builds authority then by these statistics I would have to produce 11 blog posts to equal just one podcast.

Podcasts place the ideas and expertise that establish us as an authority in front of our audience for a longer period of time per interaction. From a business content marketing strategy, this is why we podcast.

Podcasting is NOT for every business

Podcasting as a business content marketing strategy isn’t about attracting huge traffic numbers or generating tons of new clients. There are people who don’t read blogs or watch YouTube videos, preferring podcasts as a way to consume content and over time some of these people will become your clients. But to set realistic expectations, if counting numbers are your goal for podcasting, you will mostly likely be dissatisfied with the result.

Additionally, podcasting puts us on display and in a very vulnerable situation. As a podcaster we must be able to translate our enthusiasm and command for a topic through the microphone. If we don’t have the personality or disposition for podcasting we can damage your brand. Just as podcasting can build deep, rich relationships with our audience, it can just as easily destroy our authority if we sound horrible.

Start a podcast for the right reasons and flourish

Instead of podcasting for traffic numbers, use podcasting as a VIP offering. Give customers who sign up for your podcast access to information and resources that no one else has access to. Give these subscribers a behind the scenes look at your business or what you think about during the course of a transaction, providing your service and/or creating your product.

The business content marketing strategy for podcasting is building deep relationships with customers, which can over time mean more repeat buyers and more referrals.

Some experts would say every business should have a podcast. I don’t agree. Podcasting is a unique method for attracting attention to a business. Podcasting only works if the format aligns with our marketing goals.

Podcast interviews build deeper relationships with peers

In August of 2012 I created the Content Warfare Podcast as a way to build a more intimate relationship with my readers as well as tap into a community of people who don’t read blogs but enjoy listening to podcasts.

Five months and 24 episodes later, I’ve seen momentum towards both of my initial goals. Readers consistently email me about the show, not just shallow “good job” feedback but legitimate questions, thoughts, comments and concepts that move the discussion forward…

…it’s been an awesome experience.

Additionally growth in both podcast downloads and readership to the blog have increased significantly. Many people are finding me through iTunes and Stitcher before search or social media.

…again a very awesome experience.

A vital component of any business content marketing strategy is outreach. What I didn’t expect and the most powerful results of podcasting is the relationships I’ve built with other thought leaders in the online marketering world through interviews:

Srinivas Rao, Jon Loomer, Stan Smith, Mars Dorian, Mark Schaefer, Jason Fonceca, Danny Brown, Tom Treanor, Ana Hoffman, Craig McBreen, Peter Sandeen {these are links to their Google+ profiles. If you don’t understand why connecting on Google+ is important read this}.

Every guest adds their own unique spin and experience. The opportunity to chat with each of these masters of marketing has pushed me to be a better version of myself.

Podcasting as a business content marketing strategy

I’m not trying to convince you into starting a podcast. I simply want you to be aware of the potential a podcast holds for your business.

Podcasting may seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need a super expensive microphone nor do you need a fancy sound mixing board. All you need is a willingness to be open and honest and deliver consistent value to the consumers your business serves.

I have no doubt that there are other ways that you can use podcasting for your business. I’ve seen people launch limited episode podcasts around the release of a book, I’ve seen people use podcasts to describe products in-depth, I’ve seen people use podcasts as a jump-off point for a speaking career…

…in all these different uses of podcasting there is one common thread, thought-leadership. Podcasting allows us to dive deep into our well of experience and expertise and put it on display for easy consumption.

Podcasting has helped me grow my business and I’m positive, if you’re dedicated to providing value, it can help you grow yours.

I would also suggest that you enjoy listening to podcasts on your Mobile Phone try downloading the free Stitcher App. It’s a nice alternative to iTunes.

Thank you and Good luck,

Ryan Hanley

The Content Warfare Podcast is one of the fastest growing weekly podcasts on iTunes. Through discussion and interviews every episode examines the question, how to win the battle for attention online. You can also connect with Ryan on Google+.



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