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Pinterest Search Trends for Fall 2020

Pinterest published its latest seasonal report on search trends showing which topics are seeing a spike in user interest.

Pinterest released an updated report on search trends with insight into what’s expected to be popular during the fall months of 2020.

Search trends are identified based on which topics are currently seeing a spike in search volume compared to this time last year.

Social media marketers can use this data to help guide their efforts throughout the rest of the season.

Pinterest calls this particular season “back to life,” saying autumn is like a second new year:

“Each year, the start of September and the beginning of autumn is seen by many people around the world as a ‘second new year’.

It’s a time when making small improvements, resetting goals and habits, and starting a fresh drive to create healthy routines feels more achievable and more personal than New Year’s resolutions.”

With that type of forward-thinking outlook, perhaps its no surprise that searches for “positivity” are among the top trends (up 64%).

“Pinners continue to reflect on personal growth, improvements and mental wellness, with significant spikes in ‘positivity’ in particular (+64%*). Life goals and travel plans have been replaced with personal projects – whether it’s home improvement or self-improvement.”

Fall 2020 is different from previous years, Pinterest notes, as more users are looking for inspiration within the home rather than outside the home.

Staying indoors and avoiding large gatherings is still what top experts recommend right now, which is reflected in Pinterest’s search trends reflect.

That’s even more of a reason to browse through this data – what would have worked on Pinterest at this time last year might not be what users are looking for this year.

With that said, let’s look at what’s top of mind for Pinterest users in fall 2020.

Pinterest Search Trends by Demographic

Pinterest breaks down its search trend data into two demographics:

  • Gen Z: Defined as users aged 18-24
  • Millennials: Defined as users aged 25-44

First, here are some highlights from Gen Z search trends.

Gen Z Pinterest Search Trends

Self-love and safe havens are the two themes defining Gen Z’s search behavior this season, Pinterest says:

“With so much uncertainty in areas like school and work shifts, Gen Z Pinners are seeking ways to stay positive and healthy…”

Searches for the following topics are all seeing a surge of popularity:

  • Mental health check-in (up 5x)
  • Mindful eating (up 44%)
  • Photoshoot ideas (up 56x)
  • Zen bedroom ideas (up 5x)
  • Calming bedroom (up 3x)
  • Feng shui bedroom layout (up 2.5x)
  • Indie room (up 151x)
  • Hippie bedroom decor (up 19x)

Millennial Pinterest Search Trends

Millennials are taking to homelife in a much different way compared to Gen Z, according to Pinterest’s data.

Whereas Gen Z appears to be looking for ways to distract themselves with decor, millennials are looking for ways to keep themselves and their children occupied.

“For the past six months, home has replaced work, school and the gym, and outdoor spaces have become one of the safest places to practise social distancing.

Millennial parents continue to prioritise keeping their families healthy and happy, while addressing their children’s mental health and self-care practices…”

Searches for the following topics are all up amongst millennials:

  • Mental health activities for children (up 3.5x)
  • Occupational therapy for children (up 2x)
  • Conscious parenting (up 2x)
  • Schedule for children at home (up 20x)
  • Daily routine schedule for children (up 10x)
  • Children’s workout routine (up 88%)
  • Animal yoga poses for children (up 56%)
  • Indoor swings for children (up 3x)
  • Carnival games for children (up 3x)
  • Lava lamp experiments for children (21x)

Male Pinterest Search Trends

Pinterest doesn’t ordinarily highlight search trends specifically among the male demographic, but an interesting shift has taken place.

The number of male Pinterest users is up nearly 50% since last year.

That’s notable because Pinterest has historically been made up of mostly female users, with little or no fluctuation in the percentage of male users.

So why are men suddenly flocking to Pinterest? Here’s what the report says:

“The number of male Pinners has jumped nearly 50% since last year, with men searching for homeschool inspiration, as well as improvement projects and projects that also bring younger family members in on improvements around the home.”

Searches for the following topics are up amongst male users:

  • Home improvement projects (up 78%)
  • DIY projector screen (up 41%)
  • Woodworking projects for children (up 2x)
  • Art therapy activities (up 65%)
  • Workout routine for men (up 3.5X)
  • Mental strength quotes (up 2.5x)

Source: Pinterest Newsroom

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Pinterest Search Trends for Fall 2020

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