Online Identity Searching and Tracking Tools

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Ann Smarty
Online Identity Searching and Tracking Tools

Reputation management is a too hot topic to be left out of discussion here, especially for your own names. If you love searching for your name (either out of vanity or for business purposes), you will enjoy playing with the following online identity searching and tracking tools:

1. Twitter Search (previously known as Summize) searches for your name mentions at Twitter. To track your reputation there you can either subscribe via feed or get email updates through the service called TweetBeep.

2. Twing lets you find out what people say about you throughout forums and discussion boards. You can choose to search forum posts or topics there.

3. Blog search engines:

Google Blog Search : play with Google Blog Search sorting options (“sort by relevance | date) and advanced searching options (inpostauthor:”Author Name“, inblogtitle:name)

Technorati allows for several search parameters worth experimenting with: search for exact match, restrict your search to tags or the entire search, set “authority” preferences (some, any, a little or a lot of). After you found the best combination of search parameters, subscribe via feed to track your (brand) name mentions regularly.

BlogPulse also offers a few interesting search options for you to track your online identity properly. You can set start and end date, sort by date or relevance and use boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to add/ exclude additional words. The trend graph also looks impressive giving you the graphical representation of your (brand) name popularity and letting you compare it with your competitors:

Blogpulse - trend graph

Bloglines searches for your (brand) name in blog posts, feeds, and citations, and it also allows to subscribe to any search to track updates regularly.

4. Omgili : if you are passionate about graphs, you can try this service that illustrates your brand buzz and also compares it to your competitors’ brands.

Omgili buzz graph

5. Google Search (the last but certainly not the least 😉 ) : by taking advantage of “date range” advanced search option, you will be surprised to see how awesomely well this search can work. Be sure to search for (and also to subscribe via Google alerts) all possible variations of your (domain/ brand/ company) name in order not to miss anything: [domain name], [“domain name”], [domainname], [], [your name], [“your name”], [yourname], etc.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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