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How to Win at SEO & PPC (and Save Money Doing It) with Octoboard

Looking to get ahead of the competition? Leverage cloud data to win new clients, generate leads, get automated SEO and PPC insights, and more.

This is a sponsored post written by Octoboard. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.

If you are an SEO, PPC, or marketing professional, you are operating in a super competitive space.

The competition is fierce. Companies use every opportunity to get ahead of the game.

Cloud data is one such opportunity.

The software that you’re using generates terabytes of data daily.

Octoboard makes it easy to convert your data into more revenue, new leads, less churn, and automated SEO and PPC insights. It only takes 5 minutes to set up and costs from just $20 per month.

How Businesses & SEO Professionals Use Octoboard to Win

We launched Octoboard in 2018 to create a simple, low-cost SaaS product that helps people use cloud data to win new clients, generate leads, monitor marketing performance, and reduce churn.

Today, less than two years since the launch of our first product, over 18,000 companies rely on the data that we process.

This is why top marketing professionals, SEO agencies, and PPC freelancers use Octoboard.

1. Impress Clients & Teams: Share Cloud Data Insights

Used by 87% of all Octoboard clients (based on a sample of active clients in the last 3 months).

Connect to any of the 60+ cloud applications that we integrate with (social networks, Google products, paid advertising platforms, Google Sheets, Zapier, databases, ecommerce platforms, financial applications) and use over 200 pre-defined templates to share data as private or public dashboards with internal teams and clients.

Check out the full list of data integrations and over 200 templates that are available on the platform. All templates and dashboards can be modified or extended with some 3,500 data visualizations available in the system – maps, graphs, charts, and data tables.

2. Automatic AI Insights via Slack & Email

We followed the big data trend and added a machine learning feature that will report on the latest SEO and PPC trends automatically.

Octoboard will constantly monitor data changes for you. We identify trends and send regular updates on your business performance and marketing metrics changes.

You can connect to your data once and start getting updates in your email box or company Slack channel. Our machine learning algorithms will automatically discover trends that you may miss.

3. Reduce Churns: Automate SEO, PPC & Ecommerce Client Reporting

Used by 95% of marketing agencies, online stores, and SEO freelancers.

Marketing agencies save hundreds of hours monthly by sending professional-looking automated reports to clients. Most agencies charge clients extra for this feature.

Clients who see regular updates appreciate the hard work that agencies put into online marketing and stay with agencies for many years. This feature is a real churn killer.

With over 200 data templates pre-built for you, it is definitely much easier to set up and use than Google Data Studio.

4. Extra Revenue: Add Client Portal to Your Website

Used by 69% of SEO and PPC professionals.

You can build client portals and host them on your website directly. Enable this feature and your clients will be redirected to login pages that look like part of your site.

Octoboard will do the heavy lifting behind the scene. It is 100% white label.

Businesses use client portals to create more value for the clients, reduce churn, and build extra revenue streams.

(Octoboard only charges $8 per client – how much you charge your clients for this feature is entirely up to you.)

5. Motivate Teams & Monitor SEO Trends on Office TV Dashboards

Used by 59% of startups.

Create dashboards using our templates and show them on monitors in your office.

Your teams stay up-to-date and focused on their targets and key performance metrics (Analytics, Paid Advertising, Support dashboards, Marketing campaigns, SEO, and keyword ranking changes).

Our Octoboard for Business product also offers real-time data that includes live website traffic, live email subscriptions, online purchases, and support queries.

SEO trends are available from hundreds of data points from Google products, SEMrush, and Octoboard’s own keywords ranking analytics and SEO Audits.

6. Generate More Revenue: Run SEO Audits for Client Websites

Used by 82% of agencies.

Octoboard offers SEO Audits as a free add-on to all our customers.

You can run audits for your client websites, add results to client portals, online dashboards, and distribute them in automated weekly reports.

All white label features are available in Octoboard as free add-ons.

7. Capture New Leads With Embedded SEO Audit Forms

This is our new feature and is in Alpha from June.

You can get up to 10 times more leads by embedding SEO Audit forms on your webpages.

Let visitors run white label SEO Audits for their websites.

Follow up with SEO Audit PDF documents and collect client opt-in for marketing and promotional material about your services.

8. Switch & Save

With Octoboard you can use SEMrush, Google Analytics or Google Search Console to monitor your keywords and another third-party product to add SEO Audit lead capture to your website plus one more to monitor keywords rankings.

Or you can switch to Octoboard’s own features that provide keyword rank tracking, embeddable audit forms, and automated reporting.

You will save hundreds of hours every month and thousands of dollars every year by switching to just one platform and stop paying for multiple products.

Octoboard pricing starts from just $20 per month.

Less logins – more savings – more work done!

Final Words

2020 is a difficult year for everyone. We are happy that our goal to keep Octoboard a low-cost platform is working for many businesses that are now switching from more expensive systems to Octoboard.

As the world is quickly getting even more digital, as more businesses go 100% online, we expect the importance of cloud data to increase. We hope that you will start using cloud data more, especially if it is now so easy to do with Octoboard.

After all, it is your data, so make good use of it to beat the competition and stay on top of your game!

Image Credits

Featured Image: Image by Octoboard. Used with permission.
In-Post Photos: Images provided by Octoboard. Used with permission.

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How to Win at SEO & PPC (and Save Money Doing It) with Octoboard

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