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Now You Can Move a Google Analytics Property Between Accounts

Now You Can Move a Google Analytics Property Between Accounts

Google has released an Analytics solution which the company says people have expressed being eager to use. It’s now possible to move a Google Analytics property, or Analytics 360 property, between Google accounts.

Whenever a new Analytics property is created, it’s permanently housed in the account that was used to create it. With the Google Analytics service now being over a decade old, marketers have properties strewn about across multiple accounts.

With property moving you can now consolidate multiple properties into the individual account it makes the most sense for them to belong to. Consolidating properties offers the following benefits:

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  • Apply the same set of filters to the views in all properties.
  • Easily manage users for the properties and views in a single account.
  • Use Change History to see all events from all properties in the same account.

This will also help site owners who have their Google Analytics managed by a third party. If the third party set up the account, they have full control over it. With property moving, you can now migrate properties from one account to the true owner.

How to Move a Property

Moving a Google Analytics property from one account to another requires you to first have access to both accounts. If you have Edit and Manage Users permissions, then you have full access.

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Then complete the following steps:

  • Login to your Google Analytics account.
  • Visit the Admin section.
  • Visit the “Property Settings” page for the property you’d like to move.
  • Select the “Move Property” button in the top right corner.

Please note that there is no retagging required when moving a property from one account to another.


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