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New Google Search Console Now Available to All Sites

Google’s new Search Console beta is now available to all sites, the company said in an announcement this week.

The new Search Console was released in a limited rollout last month, with one of the most notable new features being 16 months of data instead of the usual 3 months.

Other changes, Google explains, were inspired by feedback from Search Console users. Feedback from top contributors in Google’s help forums, feedback submitted via the ‘submit feedback’ button, and feedback from the Search Console panel were the main channels monitored by Google prior to this release.

Google will continue to test the new Search Console design to see how users interact with it. As a beta, it would be fair to say it may undergo many more changes before being released in its final form.

One of the things Google is still working on is migrating all data sets to the new Search Console. Currently it does not contain all the same data as the classic version. Google says the missing data has either not been migrated yet, or it exists as part of another report.

As Google continues to refine the new Search Console users are still able to access the classic version if they prefer. Google will keep listening to feedback as it works on the next iteration of Search Console.

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New Google Search Console Now Available to All Sites

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