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New Google Labs Design Includes AI Tools For Search & Creativity

Discover the new Google Labs design with 12 AI experiments demonstrating the future of generative AI in search, productivity, and business.

  • Google introduced a new design for Labs.Google, highlighting AI experiments for search, creativity, and productivity.
  • Google SGE experiments still appear in Labs without the December 2023 expiration.
  • NotebookLM and Bard Extensions utilize AI for research and creative processes with data from your Google account.
google ai experiments labs redesign

Google recently launched a new design for Labs with 12 artificial intelligence (AI) experiments, tools, and projects, showcasing a commitment to advancing AI technology.

google labs ai test kitchen new designScreenshot from Labs.Google, December 2023

This redesign highlights a dozen AI products that could transform how AI is in most workflows and organizations.

From search to productivity, here are the AI experiments you can try or sign up for on the newly designed Google Labs website.

12 Google AI Experiments

Here are the 12 AI experiments from Google that have been appearing in popular products, including Search, Workspace, and YouTube.

1. Google Search Generative Experience (SGE)

This feature – now notably missing the ending date of December 2023 – quickly summarizes topics, generates fresh ideas, and simplifies follow-up research. It represents a significant advancement in how users can interact with and leverage AI for efficient information retrieval.

google sgeScreenshot from Labs.Google, December 2023

2. TextFX For AI Writing Assistance

TextFX is an AI assistant for the creative writing process. While offering vast possibilities, users should note the need for accuracy checks.

Available from Google’s AI Test Kitchen, TextFX utilizes Google’s PaLM 2 and incorporates artistic insights to enhance artistic expression.

textfx google ai text kitchenScreenshot from Labs.Google, December 2023

3. Google Bard With Extensions

Google Bard, now powered by Gemini Pro, seamlessly integrates with Google services like YouTube, Gmail, and Maps through extensions available in English, Japanese, and Korean.

Bard ExtensionsScreenshot from Google Bard, December 2023

4. NotebookLM For Research

NotebookLM, powered by Google AI, changes how you read, take notes, ask questions, and organize ideas, offering assistance – and sources.

For marketers, this could be customized in the future for meeting transcripts, book quotes, novel chapters, or corporate documents, providing a rich resource for research and idea generation.

Google AI notebooklmScreenshot from Labs.Google, December 2023

In a Lab Session, video journalist Cleo Abram demonstrates how NotebookLM can assist with research by aiding complex tasks such as memory retrieval and fact-checking.

5. Duet AI For Google Workspace

Duet AI for Google Workspace enables collaborative AI-assisted writing, visualization, and organization, enhancing creative workflows. It works to simplify common tasks in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet.

To use Duet AI, users need an eligible Google Workspace plan. Those not currently using Workspace can begin by signing up for it.

duet ai google workspaceScreenshot from Labs.Google, December 2023

6. A Game To Improve Image Prompting Skills

Say What You See is an AI experiment that teaches the art of image prompting.

The Google Arts & Culture Lab team, with the aid of Google AI, has created a series of images, and your task is to describe what you observe.

Your descriptions will be used to generate a new image that is inspired by the one you’re looking at. You’ll get three chances for each image to reach a certain level of visual similarity.

Keep an eye out for helpful tips that will guide you in refining your prompts.

learn image promptingScreenshot from Labs.Google, December 2023

7. AI Experiments On YouTube

Exclusive to YouTube Premium members, this feature provides early access to experimental AI functionalities.

This option for Premium members gives marketers and advertisers a way to prepare video content to adapt to new YouTube features, such as AI-generated conversation topics and summaries.

8. Project IDX

Project IDX could become an invaluable tool for developers, offering a quick and seamless transition into development workflows within Google Cloud.

Additionally, it enhances app optimization for multiple platforms, offering previews and simulators for different environments.

A standout feature is its generative AI assistance from Google’s Codey, which aids in code generation, completion, and translation, streamlining the development process significantly for SEO professionals.

9. Instrument Playground with MusicFX

This AI experiment allows users to generate, play, and compose music using AI.

It features over 100 instruments from around the globe, allowing for the generation of a 20-second sound clip tailored to specific moods or themes.

It also comes with a variety of modes, including Ambient, Beat, or Pitch, and an Advanced mode with a Sequencer for intricate compositions.

Screenshot from Labs.Google, December 2023

Developed from Google AI’s Music LM research, this innovative platform offers a novel way for marketers to create distinctive, AI-generated soundtracks that resonate with their brand and audience.

The following shows how Google Bard and generative AI music tools enhance creativity.

10. Magic Compose For Text Replies On Android

For those uncertain about text replies, Magic Compose suggests responses with the appropriate tone and context.

11. AI Script Editor For Google Home

For those who can’t work remotely, the Script Editor’s experimental features allow users to create advanced home automation using AI, removing the need for coding expertise.

Screenshot from Labs.Google, December 2023

12. Magic Editor For Google Photos

Google Photos’ Magic Editor offers AI photo editing, which should lead to better tools for advertisers to use to edit ad campaign media faster.


In addition to the new design, Google shared a link to its Discord for AI Test Kitchen experiments and called for innovative AI experiment submissions, seeking projects that push the boundaries of what code can do and inspire other coders.

The bright new layout for Labs.Google and the range of AI experiments highlight Google’s relentless pursuit of innovation and its commitment to shaping a future where AI plays a pivotal role in everyday life.

It should also give marketers an idea of what new AI features will appear in search and what tools Google could have to offer for business, creativity, and productivity soon.

Featured image: IB Photography/Shutterstock

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New Google Labs Design Includes AI Tools For Search & Creativity

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