Need a Cheat Sheet for Social Media?

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Need a Cheat Sheet for Social Media?

Well, Flowtown made a fantastic one and we want to share it with you. Now obviously many of us do not need this cheat sheet, but there are plenty of people that do! Like clients and parents. I have emailed this to many this morning. I also like the representation of audience sizes for clients. So take a peak at the infographic below and enjoy (and email to those people that keep asking you what “this is” or “that is” and what “this means”).

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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Melissa Fach

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  • What an incredible resource- thanks!

    PS: Your help department has been totally unresponsive to my email request to remove the RSS feeds to my Twitter via DM. There is no place to turn it off and I have emailed SEJ at least twice. Please help.

  • Can you say “link bait”? Nice graphic, thanks for sharing!

  • Nice. One comment though:

    In your ‘how to begin’ section on Facebook, after the point about setting up a Business Page, you suggest joining Facebook Groups that are relevant to your business.

    However, Pages can’t join Groups, you can only join a Group with a personal profile. Is that what you’re suggesting? Alternatively, the business page can “like” or “favorite” other FB Pages.

  • Excellent infographic! The audience size visual really puts thing into perspective and the learn the lingo section is sure to give a newbie a head start.

  • That’s a very nice cheat sheet, I liked finding out about the figures of each website. Interesting to see tumblr is so low, thought it might of being a bit higher than that.

  • I’m surprised that Linkedin is absent from this infographic. For B2B companies, Linkedin can get better results than Facebook or twitter.

  • Very nice cheat sheet. Already printed it out and pinned it!

  • Awesome find, I will be forwarding this cheat sheet to my customers as well!