My6Sense: The Virtual Assistant

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My6Sense: The Virtual Assistant

Imagine a robot intuitively knowing what you need, or having a tool that suggests options you might be interested in. Pretty sci-fi, right? Well, not really. My6Sense is a predictive application that has brought the future to today.

With the overwhelming volume of information streaming from sources such as Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds directly to your iPhone and iPad, it’s impossible to keep up with it all. And, sorting through it to find relevant and the most updated content for your needs is like ‘finding a needle in a haystack.’ It’s enough to make the most energetic and savvy SEO professional feel like he’s trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon.

Now, thanks to My6Sense, you have your own personal virtual assistant.

My6Sense: The Virtual Assistant

In an article by Steve Mollman, for CNN (

“It [My6Sense] uses algorithms to learn about you from the way you behave as you go through your streams. It observes, for instance, which links you click, how long you look at something, and whether you share the content with others. There are thousands of such variables it pays attention to. Along the way, it gets to know you.”

Roi Carthy, in an article on explains My6Sense:

“The company has been building out what it calls ‘digital intuition,’ a content ranking technology that to date has been applied to RSS feeds to separate the signal from the noise [. . .] The real beauty is that it requires zero intervention other than using the app itself.”

As a user of My6Sense on my iPad and iPhone, I can attest to its abilities. Within a couple of days of using it, it is able to hone in on your online preferences and needs.

The Basics of My6Sense:

1. It allows you to easily subscribe to any blog. Just enter the web address and it finds the RSS feed – this in itself is a time-saving capability. And, it accepts dozens of feeds easily.

My6Sense: The Virtual Assistant

2. It has pre-selected options for sources such as the NY Times, iPhone blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and a host of others.

3. It’s a great tool for keeping up with your particular industry’s information, along with specific information you may need for SEO strategies. Along wit this, it will help with your personal interests and hobbies.

My6Sense: The Virtual Assistant

The Predictive Features of My6Sense:

1. It learns your online preferences within a couple of days, and begins to filter your streams and find ones of interest (recently added feature).

2. The more you use it, the more it learns—it actually seems to get smarter. What this means for the user is that after a very short time, the app will automatically make suggestions; it will predict what information you would find interesting.

It automatically added a post to the top of my feed from a Google blog. When I clicked on it, a message on top stated I might be interested in adding this blog to my stream.

3. It is versatile; as your usage changes, it quickly adapts.

4. It also offers content that you may miss due to misleading titles. If it picks up something within the content of a post or article that is pertinent to your needs, it will bring it to your attention.

What’s to Come?

Predictive technology is an exciting and innovative tool. Surely its capabilities will be broadened and applied to business marketing tactics to help find potential customers—every time someone does a search, most often it is with the intent to buy. But for the present, My6Sense is a much needed personal virtual assistant that may not be perfect, but is a wonder at helping to sort through the barrage of information available online.


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