More on Using Excel to Plan Your On-Site SEO

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Gunjan Pandya
Gunjan Pandya
More on Using Excel to Plan Your On-Site SEO

This article is inspired by SEJ past post ” Use Excel to Plan Meta Tags, Titles and URLs for SEO” published by Loren Baker. It was really informative and useful, so I decided to do a follow-up with some more tips.

Add Separate Column for Your Primary Keyword: after doing keyword research with Wordtracker or Google Keyword Suggestion Tool you can select your primary (base) keyword for your particular page and put it in this column.

Add Separate Column for Your Secondary Keywords: after you’ve selected your primary keyword for a page, you should select secondary keywords for your page.

Add Column for Google Competition: check the competition of your primary and secondary keywords in Google. So you can get the basic idea of your keywords competition in Google

Why we should add the column of Primary Keywords, Secondary Keywords and Google Competition?

When writing meta tags, if you can see what your primary keyword and what your secondary keywords are, that will be easier for you to create a proper title and description. Besides, you can always evaluate your chances of getting to Google first page by seeing your Google competition for each phrase.

When is it best to use Excel for that?

Use it when introducing (global) changes to your site meta data: add more columns for Old Title, Old Description and Old Keywords.

If you are changing your title tags and descriptions throughout the site, you should add these columns to then evaluate your progress. (Note, these changes should be moderate of course, don’t introduce them in a bulk).

Use it when instructing your client:

Note: using Excel with all the data listed above and in the previous post is a good way to deal with the clients. This way you are likely to be safe from any misunderstandings.

Use it to keep track of your site performance:

Excel is the best way to store your data to get back later on and figure out what was changes when and what else can be done.

Now, if you have any idea what else we can add please feel free share it here in comments.