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More Google Calendar Rumors

More Google Calendar Rumors

A new maps application file page is currently resolving at the URL is currently adding new fuel to the rumor fire that Google will be launching its calendaring, scheduling, and project management service, Google Calendar, some time very soon. Additionally, the Google Maps file URL brings some excitement to the launch, as we’ll more than likely see a maps or directions tie in to the calendar.

A post on Aaron Wall’s Threadwatch (that sounds weird) also points to mentions of the Google Calendar on Business 2.0’s blog, which states “Rumor has it that Google will launch a new online calendar/ events managment service at Esther Dyson’s When 2.0 conference next week.”

I would not be too surprised, however, if Google slipped in a sneak preview of Google Calendar at this week’s Search Engine Strategies Chicago Conference. These possibly could all be meaningless whispers among the industry, but the anticipation for such a Google product is quite huge, possibly larger than Google Base. Why so? Perhaps because explaining the concept of a calendar to the public is much easier that the mission of the Google Base product.

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More Google Calendar Rumors

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