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Search Engine Strategies Chicago Live Coverage Day 1

Search Engine Strategies Chicago Live Coverage Day 1

Search Engine Strategies Chicago is happening for the next 3 or 4 days and although Search Engine Journal cannot attend this event we would like to suggest the ‘live’ coverage of SES Chicago by Barry & the Search Engine Roundtable crew. SERoundtable has planted professional search experts Barry Schwartz, Chris Boggs, and Benjamin Pfeiffer at different conference sessions, as they blog the presentations and audience questions.

Here is a roundup of the Roundtable’s coverage of SES Chicago Day One:

Search Advertising 101 : Starts with an intro to general terms. SEM does not equal PPC. PPC buys are on Search Engines, sites, networks. Pure form: search ads appeared only with related searches. Next generation: recycles PPC and places them into contextual or content networks- adds are relevant to the page’s content. Shows the difference between paid an unpaid listings. How does it work? Direct buying, ad auctions that use max bids. Bid Higher = stay higher, system corrects bid gaps: you pay a penny more than the ad below you. Ad auctions, “Google style” is more difficult to define….

Book Search : This room is pretty empty, maybe people will come in a bit late. Seriously, maybe like 25 people right now, at 3:48. Danny jokes about the number of people in the audience. He introduces the book search deal…

ClickZ Forum : Ads Beyond Search : This forum is moderated by Rebecca Lieb of ClickZ and includes Tessa Wegret from Enlighten and Hollis Thomases from Web Ad.vantage. Rebecca Lieb opens the sessions discussing that this session is something new for SES. They will talk to some extent about integration and there will be plenty of time for questions. How many people do other advertising beyond search. A good majority of the people raised there hands showing there is other success beyond search….

Global Search Landscape : Moderated by Nacho Hernandez from, who kindly spent a few minutes with me after the session to go over this information. He also reminded me about the great forum section at SEW forums called “Multilingual Search market,” where people can go to find out about a lot of international search-related issues. Then he mentioned that SES has increased the World Tour to include SES Latino, to occur in Miami, Florida in July 2006, and China in March 2006.

Targeting Search Ads By Demographics & Behavior : Roy Shkedi from AlmondNet. 40% of internet ads dollars are spent on search engines where people spend less than 5% of their online time. On the majority of the sites where people spend the other 95% of their online time – the ad supported content is sold for very low CPMs. After people search, Almondnet presents people with additional paid ads. So basically you do a search in Google, lets say on “health insurance”, then later, he is on fox search, the ad space on fox news is then served up to the banner space on fox news…

Podcast Search : Moderated by Chris Sherman. Podcasting has “caught fire” over the last year. Provides a brief intro/definition of podcasting, and says there are lots of new services aimed at helping get podcasts found…

Reputation Monitoring & Management : First up was Rob Key from Converseon, Inc. He goes over some quick stats. There are 1.2million people searching delta airlines each month. And they see a negative result in the SERPs. He explains that how you are defined is often in the hands of third parties. He shows examples of brand names that have competitive and negative results. Blogs are a major issue for reputation management…

Earning from Search & Contextual Ads : Jennifer Slegg was first up and asks some questions on who was using Adsense and YPN. She goes into comparing the two publisher networks. Both have large pools of advertisers. Offer similar ad formats & advertising in RSS feeds. Both has real time stats with identical metrics measures. Neither reveals the cut of revenue earned. The networks differ in that Google allows nearly all international publishers and YPN only US publishers currently. Adsense has smart pricing, and YPN hasn’t acknowledged any type of smart pricing. She moves fast, and next throws up a list of available companies offering contextual publishing options….

Video Search : First session of the first day! Woohoo. “New” Sponsor banners (to me) apart from the regulars (Jupiter, SEW, ClickZ): incisivemedia
Moderated by Chris Sherman. Intro remarks: Welcome…we in for 4 days of new and interesting content. Video Search (VS) has been around for a long time, but starting to grow more effective. Video Ssearch is hot and getting hotter…

Introduction to Search Marketing : This is my first time attending this session, its always nice to go back to the basics every now and then. It seems as if Danny is having some technical difficulties. All dressed up in a nice dark suit with blue ties, I think. As you can see, I have this urge to type, so I am. The room seems to have about 300 people in it, total guess. One noticeable thing you see, is that the JupiterMedia logos are all replaced with IncisiveMedia. Now walks in the extra tech support to assist Danny. He swaps computers with Danny, presto, up comes the Web site. And then they swap computers back, and we are almost ready to go. Just 5 minutes after, not bad at all for the first session. 🙂 The slide is live and it sports the old colors of the logo. Very few people in this audience have come to this conference before, a bunch have no idea what search marketing is, and even more need to know the basics….

Search Behavior Research Update – Live From Chicago! : Interpreting searcher behavior can be a subtle science, the experts in this panel plan to address the issues of how much we know about the user and what we can gain from looking at their behavior. First up is Mark Neal from Galleon Systems. I am looking forward to the presentations in this session, the last several times I have attended they have failed to disappoint….

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Search Engine Strategies Chicago Live Coverage Day 1

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