This Month in #ContentMarketing: March 2015

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This Month in #ContentMarketing: March 2015

Spring is almost here, so this month’s #ContentMarketing roundup includes several articles to help grow your content marketing efforts in the coming months. I also included information about a huge change Facebook is making, which could have major implications for content marketers.

As always, this months round-up is designed to keep you informed about changes in the content marketing field and is listed in no particular order.

9 Free Analytic Tools to Measure Your Content Effectiveness by Julia McCoy

There is life outside of Google Analytics! This article, published on Content Marketing Institute, provides Content Marketers with a list of nine different tools you can use to track the true effectiveness of your content. No more guessing, no more relying on social shares. If you have ever sat in a meeting trying to explain why content matters, this is a must read.

Why You Should Be Building Trust, Not Traffic by Mark Schaefer

This article, published on Convince and Convert, tackles the idea that creating really good content is all about increasing traffic. It also makes me want to fist pump right from my computer chair.shutterstock_231340918

Mark shares this stat, which made my head hurt:

83 percent of CMOs claim that social sharing is the primary benefit of social media marketing. 

You read that correctly, most CMO’s think the only reason we should be creating spectacular content is for social media shares. Not for social likes, or follows, conversions, or even traffic. Which, is not to say that social shares are nothing – people are more likely to purchase from a company their friends and family members are talking about.

It does mean we may be looking at content marketing all wrong. Building trust creates an emotional bonds, which can create a life-long customer; which is much more valuable than a single social share.

A Handy Little Guide to Creating Visual Content for Social Media [Infographic] by Lindsay Kolowich

As a writer and editor, sometimes I place less importance on other types of content, such as visual content. Sure, I know people like images, and I know to include them in my blog articles, but I don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about images past that.

This infographic covers an awful lot of information about visual content – from sharing why visual images matters, to explaining the different types of visual content, to sharing actual tools you can use to create images that rock. They also included a bunch of examples to get your creative juices flowing. This is a really great resource for anyone looking to up their visual content game.

You’ve Heard of Banner Blindness; Get Ready for Content Blindness by Mark Bergen

There was a time when banner ads were very successful. Then, every digital marketer started using them, and consumers developed what we now call “banner blindness”. This article discusses whether consumers will soon develop content blindness as a result of the abundance of brands churning out tons of content. This is a valid question, particularly for those of us who create this content.

One of my favorite quotes in the article is: “People don’t want to be sold to,” from Mark Renshaw, Global Chief Platforms and Partnership Officer, Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide. This suggests it might not be content as a whole which consumers might go blind to, but salesy content. Definitely worth a read for any content marketer who wants to stay ahead of the rest of the pack.

Facebook’s news move will degrade content marketing by Kim Davis

This article, published on PRweek, covers a change by Facebook that could have major implications for content marketers. Facebook is offering to host news and other content, in exchange for a share of the ad profits. They insist this is in an effort to provide a more “seamless” experience, but it could change everything – for content marketers and social media marketers. Will this shift reduce the number of external social links? Will that even matter? What does LinkedIn and Facebook moving to become publishing platforms mean for social and content marketing?


Do you think Facebook’s move will change things for content marketers? Or, are there other articles you think should have made the list? Please share your thoughts! 

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